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Big Joe Lost Ring In Denver Found With Metal Detector

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Big Joe Lost His Deceased Fathers Wedding Ring

Big Joe Lost Ring Denver

Big Joe Lost Ring Denver

Joe is a kind hearted man. You have to be, to open your home to troubled teens. On the back porch Joe sees one of his teens coming home across the park behind their home.  Joe hadn’t thrown a snowball in years and he didn’t know what drove him to do it on that day.  Joe packed a snowball and heaved it out towards the teen in the park.  You know that sick feeling when you know you just did something you shouldn’t have. He felt his fathers priceless wedding ring go flying. The only problem was he didn’t see the ring at all, so he had no clue what direction it went. They all dug for hours in the back yard and Joe even went to the store and purchased a small metal detector to help search. But after hours of searching and a mine field in his back yard, Joe decided he need the call in the professionals. After a call to Tenacious Treasure Tracker we agreed to meet a 2pm to search before the next snow storm was to come in that afternoon.  After a short search we found the ring. I think Big Joe was overwhelmed and I swear a tear was shed as we hugged in relief.

Joes Ring

Joe’s Father’s Ring