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Lost Ring in Sylvan Lake Recovered by The Ring Finders

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Mike had been shoveling snow in his back yard and lost his Tungsten Wedding Ring. He didn’t noticed the ring was missing until he was back inside the house warming up.  He searched the Internet for help finding lost rings and found The Ring Finders and this is where the story starts.
Mike, called me on Monday and asked me if I would search for his lost ring in Sylvan Lake Alberta, I said I would be able to go out on Wednesday its out of my area but every search request is special.  Mike was calling me from Toronto where he was on business, I could tell the ring meant a great deal to him.  I spoke with his wife Sarah on Tuesday and confirmed the time I would be out.

When I got there today she greeted me at the door before I could even knock, she was very anxious to get the ring back and thanked me very much for traveling the 149 km to help them.  Sarah, showed me the area where they thought it might be which was basically the back yard the back parking area and part of the lane behind the garage and possibly even on the deck.

After determining that the signal ID I was looking for was in the range of 65 I determined that if I was to check every signal over 60 then I should locate it quickly.  After 30 minutes and only scraping the snow off 6 targets up popped Mike’s magnificent Tungsten Wedding Band.

Mike's Ring Recovered

Mike’s Ring Recovered

Another Lost Ring recovered in the snow and another happy return.

Ring Returned to Sarah

Ring Returned to Sarah

    Close up of Mike's Ring

Close up of Mike’s Ring

*** Later that day I received this Email;


I want to personally thank you for finding my ring today. This means a lot to my wife and I. I can’t believe where you found it tho! That’s far away from where I ever walked! I got your number saved now because ill probably need you again in the future!  

Again your service is greatly appreciated.

Mike and Sarah Kolibab

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