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Fire and Ice. Lost Ruby and Diamond Ring Found.

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

I had spent the weekend celebrating a close friends Golden Wedding Anniversary in Sydney and so I didn’t pick up on a message sent to me from Vicki on the 19th of January. Apparently, her friend Nadia, had been visiting the beautiful Eurobodalla south coast of NSW, and whilst swimming at McKenzie’s Beach on the 17th had lost her beautiful Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring in the surf.

Nadia lives a couple of hours away from Batemans Bay and had returned home so the only way I could get location instructions was over the phone. I am always concerned about this because when people say left or right of a land mark, I need to clarify the direction they are looking. Anyway after the call I said I would have a look on McKenzie’s Beach at the first opportunity. Nadia had told me that she had been knocked over by a wave and lost the ring in the surf whilst trying to regain balance, so I decided to search at low tide.

I arrived at the beach at about an hour before low tide only to be met with a pretty good surf rolling in. McKenzie’s is not a very big beach and is in the shape of a horseshoe. Because of the amount of surf that comes in on this beach, it has a gutter that runs parallel to the shore and a rip that runs out to sea at the southern end. The gutter was running like a river, and so detecting in this area was very difficult. After three hours and with a rising tide I decided to call it a day.

I kept an eye on the surf for the rest of the week, and so on Friday 27th (a full 10 days after the ring was lost), I ventured off again. This time the surf was about half the height of the previous time. And after about an hour of looking for the lost ring, and finding pull tabs from aluminium cans, BINGO!!!! What can I say it is the most beautiful engagement ring, with a blood red Ruby flanked by two stunning Diamonds. 

I have just got back from meeting Nadia and her husband as they have travelled down for the weekend. Seeing the joy on Nadia’s face when I handed over the ring is what this is all about.

Lost Keys Found, Denhams Beach NSW Australia

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

Ted had been visiting his local beach with his grandchildren. On leaving the beach he found that he had lost his car keys. After spending some time searching for them he contacted me to see if I could be of help. He met me at the location and after a few minutes of a grided search I was able to find them a couple of inches under the surface. My Minelab CTX 3030 with the 17″ coil is just perfect for this kind of work and I really get a buzz when I am able to hand the lost items the the owners.

This is my second set of car keys found in a week. So glad people are realising that there are those of us out there that can help and are contacting us on the ringfinders team.

Thanks for allowing me to be of assistance and for the reward.Ted Keys 013  Ted Keys 015