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Lost Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring Found in San Mateo

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

lost wedding ring found in san mateoMelanie and her husband were enjoying the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend when they decided to go outside and toss around a football. They had fun for a while, until her husband’s beautiful tungsten carbide wedding ring disappeared into the grass. They searched for hours last night and this morning with no luck.

Then Melanie found TheRingFinders. I was able to get up there this morning, less than 24 hours after the ring disappeared. Melanie showed me the place in the ivy where her husband had stumbled catching one of her passes, and the place by the pool where he had caught another with a spectacular, Super Bowl-worthy jump catch. She hoped that the ring had fallen off in one of these locations.

I searched the ivy and surrounding grass with no luck. Ivy is always a problem, because metal detectors have a practical range limit of 8-12 inches, and ivy can sometimes be thicker than that. The thicker the ivy, the harder it is to press it down with the metal detector coil. So I spent almost half an hour searching the small ivy patch with my metal detector until I was satisfied that the lost ring was not there.

Next came the patch of grass near the pool. Underneath the robust Bermuda grass was a tangled thicket of roots and runners. Rings will drop through all of this to rest on the dirt, making Bermuda grass the ideal hiding place. I spent another half hour searching here until the metal detector sang out with a sweet, shallow tone. The ring was very well hidden under the grass and runners.

Thank you Melanie for the reward. I’m glad I was able to help your husband get his ring back!

lost wedding ring found in San Mateo

Lost Gold Wedding Band Recovered Under Backseat of Mercedes – Brisbane, CA 94005

from San Francisco (California, United States)
Contact: 1-415-895-0334

A not so happy Christmas was shaping up for Brisbane, CA resident Lester and his wife. While on their way home, in the back seat of their son’s Mercedes on Christmas Eve, Sara asked to see her husband’s wedding band. It was late, dark and cold when they reached their son’s home, when Lester asked about his ring as they were walking to the front door.  No ring!

They went outside early on Christmas morning to search in the grass, around the driveway, on the sidewalk and in the street, but still no ring.

Two days later Lester  decided to rent a metal detector, and was searching online when he found me under Metal Detecting on Craig’s List. He explained that his wife thought she dropped his ring in the car but they had thoroughly searched the rear floor area 4 times. Being a new vehicle, it was pretty clean inside. So they thought the ring must have dropped outside the car while they were exiting. They wanted me to metal detect the dry, short grass, next to their driveway. (And also the sidewalk and street, haha.)

This is where deductive reasoning came into play. It was very easy to visually see that the ring was not on the dry grass next to the driveway, nor on the sidewalk or in the street. They had carefully searched those areas the first thing the next morning. Sara remembered that she had dropped the ring in the car, and that they had decided to wait and search the car in the light of the morning. I quickly deduced that the ring must somehow still be in the new Mercedes.

On my knees, with a strong flashlight, I again searched the driver’s side rear passenger floorboard, front seat rails, small floor heating vent and mechanical front seat wiring. No ring. Undaunted in my conviction that the ring must still be in the car, I shined my flashlight down the rear seat belt hole in the seat and Eureka, there is was, sitting on a little shelf, just under the seat. As soon as I nudged it, it fell further down, on to the metal chassis deck, and out of sight.

But at least we knew where it was! After tearing out the rear trunk liner to find no access, I was finally able to pry up the rear bench seat just enough to get my hand down and grab the ring!

My hero Sherlock Holmes would have been very pleased. This is a great reminder that there is always a logical explanation for getting to the bottom of a mystery and it pays to have faith in your reasoning. Metal detecting had nothing to do with this solution. In this set of circumstances, it was just old fashioned logic that led to another closed case for The Ringfinders! Its what we do.

Lesters Ring Close Up Med

Lester, who works for Grainger Supply, had recently lost a little weight, thus the tape on his beautiful gold wedding band. His cool demeanor belies his intense underlying inner joy about the recovery!

Lester with recovered wedding band med

Cheers and best holiday wishes to all the members of our Ringfinders Team out there.

Never give up!


SF Bay Area RingFinders Contact: Marshall Smith – Text or call: 415-895-0334

Metal Detectorist serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area from sunny San Mateo, CA

Toddler Loses Dad’s Wedding Band, Found Eighteen Months Later

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

platinum-grass-sm1In the summer of 2012, Matt was playing with his two kids in their back yard in San Mateo County. Jonathan, who was two at the time, asked Dad if he could hold his platinum wedding band. Unfortunately, John didn’t fully understand the meaning of the word “hold,” because within seconds the ring was gone.

Matt and his wife Kelly searched for the ring, but couldn’t find it. A family member with a metal detector tried to find it, and was also unsuccessful. Just recently, they looked on the internet and discovered TheRingFinders.

We met Kelly, Matt and Jonathan this afternoon, eighteen months after the ring was lost. The good news was, the yard was small, and Jonathan was unlikely to have thrown the ring over the fence. The other news was, a year and a half of lawn mowing, watering and activity might have put the ring out of reach.

We pulled a variety of junk targets out of the ground. Old style pull tabs, nails, pieces of aluminum and mystery metallic stuff all came out of the ground. Finally, after 90 minutes, we heard a nice clear tone in the proper range for platinum. Another minute, and the ring popped out from under the grass roots.

Of course, Jonathan wanted to hold it again. And he dropped it again.


Thanks for the generous reward, Kelly and Matt!

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The Amazing Migrating Ring in Half Moon Bay

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

CurtisHMB-smile-smCurtis and his wife spent their one-year wedding wedding anniversary at Half Moon Bay, between San Francisco and Santa Cruz on the California coast. Sitting up on a sand bluff at the State Beach, they popped a cork on a bottle of champagne and enjoyed the view. When it came time to leave Curtis stood up, brushed the sand off his pants, and felt his wedding ring fly off his finger into the sand.

They search fruitlessly for the ring in the sand, even using a metal detector they borrowed from the park ranger. Curtis came back the next day with a shovel and kitchen strainer and sifted big piles of sand, but still couldn’t find the ring. The situation was looking grim until they found TheRingFinders web site.

I met Curtis at the beach today. He showed me exactly where they were sitting, about halfway up the steep sand bluff. The small open area where they had been sitting was surrounded by ice plant. I could see the piles of sand that Curtis had made with his shovel the day before.

I used my metal detector to thoroughly search the area where they had been sitting. The sand was shallow here, because Curtis had already dug down to the hardpan layer. Next I expanded out to the surrounding ice plant. I only found one metal hit anywhere near where they had been sitting, just a piece of an old aluminum can.

I knocked down the piles of sand that Curtis had made, but didn’t find the ring, so I started working my way down the bluff. About 20 minutes into the hunt, I got just my second metal hit of the day. It was very deep, about 8 inches down, and registered as an older, pure copper penny, but when I finally dug down deep enough there was Curtis’s ring. His first anniversary was saved!

Although he lost his ring up where he is standing, near the top of the bluff, we found it about six feet down the bluff where my metal detector is lying.

Although he lost his ring up where he is standing, near the top of the bluff, we found it about six feet down the bluff where my metal detector is lying.

It's a very nice ring! Good thing we found it.

It’s a very nice ring! Good thing we found it.

Nina Saves Her Cat but Loses Her Diamond Rings

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

Nina-myrtleNina recently moved into a new home in San Jose with her family and cat. Some other cats also live nearby, and all of them are territorial. A few days ago, Nina’s cat got into a fight with a neighbor’s cat in a grassy area, and Nina had to come to the rescue. Unfortunately she got scratched, and even worse, she lost her diamond wedding and engagement rings in the thick grass.

Nina sent an email to coworkers to ask if anyone knew where she could borrow or rent a metal detector. One of her friends recommended that she contact me instead (click here to read about the ring I recovered for his wife).

When I arrived, Nina showed me where the cats had been fighting. Sure enough, the neighbor’s big orange and white tabby was watching us from underneath a hedge, its ears folded back, ready for another fight. But once I swung my metal detector in his direction, he disappeared.

The area wasn’t too large, and the search didn’t take too long. The rings were completely hidden in the grass, all the way down at the roots. It’s a beautiful set that Nina was very happy to get back. Thank you for the generous reward!


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Toddler Throws Dad’s Wedding Ring Off Belmont Balcony

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Lost ring found in Belmont, San Mateo County

Lost wedding ring recovered after toddler throws it off balcony

Everyone knows how toddlers love to play with Mom & Dad’s things. They hide them, put them in the trash, and sometimes throw them off the balcony. That’s what Amy’s three-year-old son did with her husband’s Cartier wedding ring: he threw it off the balcony into the neighbor’s side yard.

Amy searched the area and found a whole collection of her son’s golf balls, sidewalk chalk and more, but no ring. So she searched Google for “metal detector ring finder” and found us.

The first thing I did when I arrived was survey the search area. Much of it was covered by a scrap lumber pile, and nails and screws protruded from many of the boards. These would be difficult and dangerous to move. But it is very important to be systematic in difficult search areas, so I started at the highest point, a few feet above the lumber pile.

Underneath a stairway, I got several signals, including a strong point signal that showed as a shallow, pure-metal target on my display. Although rings often give exactly this type of signal, in this case it was a wad of aluminum foil pressed into the soil and covered by a large plastic sheet. After I ruled out all the signals that I could find with my large detector, I scanned a crevice next to the sidewalk with my handheld pinpointer, a small detector with which I could avoid the rebar inside the concrete.

Bingo! The ring was wedged into the crevice near the end of a buried board. I couldn’t even see it until I removed a layer of leaves and debris. It was a large ring, just the kind of thing a toddler would love to play with, and ultimately throw off the balcony. Amy was happy to get it back, and didn’t tell her husband she had it back until he got home from work.


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Found: Lost 24K Wedding Ring in Marin County

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Joel Bartlett Found His Lost Wedding Ring

Joel Bartlett found his lost wedding ring

Lots of us in the Bay Area remember Joel Bartlett from the years he was the meteorologist on the Channel 7 news. Joel and his wife Sahar now live in Marin County. They were gardening at home last weekend, including lots of physical labor to clear weeds, move rocks and plant bushes. When they were all done, Joel noticed that his 24 carat gold wedding ring had gone missing. They searched everywhere, including the big pile of brush they had cleared away, to no avail.

Sahar called us on Monday, and arranged for us to come by on Tuesday. When we arrived, Joel showed us the two plant beds where they had worked over the weekend. We searched these beds thoroughly with two metal detectors and found some missing pruning shears, but did not find the missing ring.

Then Joel showed us one more area, where they had piled the brush and clippings before hauling them away. It only took us a couple of minutes to find the ring in some deep grass. If you’ve never seen 24 carat gold, it is a deeper, warmer color than the 14 carat and 18 carat gold that is more common in jewelry. It also makes for a very heavy ring!

If you lose your ring anywhere in Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara or Contra Costa counties and you know it is in grass, sand or dirt, give us a call and we will do what we can to help.

24 carat wedding ring found in Marin County