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  • from Perth (Australia)
Ash and his family were enjoying the beach until just as they were leaving he had picked up his towel and sent his ring flying..
After realising that ‘looking’ for it wasn’t going to find it he resigned himself to getting the wife and kids home and consulting uncle Google for help. Google loves Ring Rescues and duly obliged him with my number.
When I got the call from Ash I asked if he could meet me back at Mettams Pool shortly. He’d said he could and (like so many others) swore he could put me right on the spot.
An hr or so later as we both looked down to the beach, I said to Ash “crikey” as the area was covered in people-lution!
Ash led me among the beachgoers to his ‘spot’ where we set about explaining the ‘dire situation he would be in with the wife if he were to return home without his ring, etc to the people there and luckily most were happy to help in moving here and there as I used my metal detector search the area.
Having not found the ring where it should be and not wanting to upset everyone’s day I suggested we take a break until people started to leave the beach for the day.
We returned later and I began extending the search area to the south. About 15 mins later I heard a loud but soft edged double tone in my headphones which was even in both directions and had a target I.D in the range I predicted for his ring so I called out to Ash.. “I reckon this is it.. or someone else’s!”
I waited till he arrived and sank to his knees beside me before I pulled the old ‘slow reveal’ trick.. I sweep away a layer of sand, no ring.. another layer, no ring.. another and a smile erupted on Ash’s face as we both saw the edge of his ring appear in the sand.
Then it was high fives all round (we’d drawn in a couple who’d watched the earlier search as well) and as you can see in Ash was pretty chuffed about it all.
It’s why I love what I do, that moment right there.. all the best Ash and co!

Great Grandmothers Wedding Ring Rescued, Leighton Beach, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Helen had been swimming at Leighton Beach yesterday when her great grandmothers wedding ring had parted ways with her finger. She had felt it come off and had searched for it immediately but with all the waves she had soon realised with despair that she stood no real chance of finding it.

Helen’s precious

When she called I learned that she was still at the beach and a quick check of weather conditions confirming a deterioration I agreed to jump in the car and come straight away.

When I arrived Helen explained that her great grandmothers rose gold wedding ring had begun its life in India and had been passed down to her grandmother, mother and then to her so it was very sentimental to her.

I’d asked Helen to show me where she had been in the water when the ring had come off. She had marked the sand with two lines indicating where so I began to search into and out of the waves in front of her marks. After three quarters of an hour and no joy Helen made a comment/question to do with the ring drifting so I stopped, lifted my headphones off one ear and asked if she had shown me where she thought the ring was now?

All smiles again

She replied yes! I knew that in the current conditions her ring was still pretty close to where she’d dropped it so I asked her to go and stand where she thought she was when she lost the ring rather than where she thought it was now and no word of a lie about two minutes later I found her precious ring about three meters from her!

How lucky she’d said something as I’d have had to stop in another 15 mins for at least three days due to the worsening sea conditions. I’d like to think her great grandmother had known all this and prompted her to ask me if I thought the ring would drift far.. or perhaps it was pure luck. Well never mind it was rescued and that’s all that matters eh Helen.. hehe!