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  • from Yarmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

August 8, 2022. John B was swimming with his grandsons at a beach in Dennisport When his 2005 State Championship ring slipped off his finger in the surf.  He frantically tried to find this ring which He earned coaching His team To victory in the state Championship in 2005.  The ring has become an extension of himself, and to not have it was devastating.

I Received a call from Wendy, Johns wife explaining that her husband had lost a ring at the beach and if I could help them find it. Wendy had found my number on The Ringfinders website  while searching for information regarding the matter.  I drove over to the beach which is the next town over from mine, and met John and Wendy and they explained their situation.  Some of the Beaches on Cape cod can be very difficult to find lost items due to the rocky nature of the seafloor, this was one of those beaches. There were also a few other factors that tied in to a difficult search and that was weather. It was the afternoon and the wind was picking up creating surf that can make recovering a lost item very difficult.  I searched the area for a few hours as the waves impacted me over and over again to no avail.  I had to stop and resume my search when conditions were more favorable.  I assured Wendy that I will not stop searching for the ring until I have found it, and will return the next morning.  The Next morning I revisited the beach only to find the sea state in the same condition, I tried to search the area again but the combination of the rocky seafloor and the pounding waves had me push off the search another day.  Fortunately we started having negative tides and low tide  would push the water further out and make the search easier even if their were waves. I returned to the beach at 3:30am with an expected low tide at 4:30am.  The tide was low and the sea state calm,  it was perfect conditions for recovering the ring, especially where I would be struggling with digging through the rocky sands as well as being in the water with only a headlamp for a light source. I Started beyond the area where the ring was lost and worked my way back towards the shoreline, This would assure that I would be ahead of the tide as it started to return. I approached the area where the ring was Lost, this area is the rockiest of all of the search area and very time consuming to recover any item. This slowed me down and I could tell the water was starting to rise. once I worked through that area with no success I continued on and finally received a good solid signal in the range that I was looking for.  I push my scoop into the semi rock sand and pulled my scoop up and the State Championship ring revealed itself in my sand-scoop.  Victory I had finally recovered Johns Beautiful ring.  I had to wait a while before I could call and tell him due to the time, around 6:30 am I decided to Give him a call and let him know.  John had left CapeCod  but was returning around noontime and we made arrangements to meet so I could return his beautiful ring to him.  When we met he was with his grandsons whom I had promised on the beach a few days earlier that I would find their grandfathers ring. They were so excited they took possession of the ring before John could.  Thank you John and Wendy for having faith in me to find such an important part of your lives, I am thrilled it is back on the finger where it belongs.

2005 State Championship Ring

Johns grandson are almost as excited to have the ring back as their grandfather.