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Family Heirloom Ring Lost in Lake near Redmond Oregon – Found by Del Witters

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

A day after the loss I got a call from Rich who said his daughter, while hitting a ball in the lake, saw her late Grandmothers wedding band fly into the water. Even though several people had looked for it, the poor visibility made it impossible to see. Could I find it, Rich asked, no problem was my response, but I hadn’t heard the rest of the story. He wasn’t at the lake and Lauren was leaving early the next day so I was going to be on my own; the client not able to help visually pinpoint the search area may make it more difficult, then again… the depth was thought to be 2′, Lauren was tech smart so she marked a GPS point and two headings to work between off an app on her phone, and she added a couple pictures. By using her info, Google Earth, and Garmin Mapsource I was able to piece together an image to take with me. I left early the next morning for the 2.5 hour trip to claim the area before the ski boats moored. I marked the position with my GPS, which was 3′ deep, picked some reference points and started my search. At about 3 hours of water time and a net full of trash I decided the ring must be deeper than thought or the GPS point was off, maybe both. At 3.5 hours and armpit depth (4.5′) I scooped a small, ornate, white gold band with “Perla” inscribed in it; mission complete!

From door-to-door it was an 11 hour day but we saved an irreplaceable ring from the abyss or melt pile and this family heirloom is back on the right hand.  Lauren, your smile says it all, I’m so happy I could help!

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