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Recovered Keys in Snow – Blackfalds, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I got a call from Dan asking if I could find Keys in the Snow, to which I answered an emphatic Yes!  One of the metal detectors I use is the Garrett AT-PRO, the A.T. Stands for All Terrain and it really stands up to it’s name. Dan was calling me from a small town 132 km ( 82 miles ) north of me ( Blackfalds, AB ).  I agreed to meet Dan at 4pm, upon arriving he explained that his wife with her arms full and keys gripped in her mouth dropped them in the snow on the back drive way, which is gravel.  He had tried to locate them himself by shoveling the snow around, the natural thing to do, but not recommended unless your plan is to move your keys from one hiding place to another.   Which is exactly what happened, I turned on my AT Pro and got to work checking the areas he had shoveled to, 20 minutes later. Dan had the Car keys back in his hand, another successful recovery for The Ring Finders.  Dan explained to me that if I hadn’t recovered them it would have cost him over $500.00 to get two of the keys replaced as they had computer chips in them, as so many cars do now.  Now that I am retired from the normal work-a-day world I love my career as a Ring Finder that returns smiles to peoples faces.

Dan very relieved to get his Keys back

Dan very relieved to get his Keys back