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Lost Ring Clearwater Beach, Recovered By SRARC

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Elias and Nour were visiting Clearwater Beach from Michigan prior to attending a friends wedding. While swimming
Elias jumped into a wave and realized his gold chain he had for 25 years was gone. Nour then realized her gold
engagement and wedding rings were also gone from her finger. They went to the lifeguard who directed them to our
SRARC website and they contacted Howard Metts who immediately set up a hunt. Rob Clark, Bill Gallant, and Howard
Metts were in the surf 2 hours latter conducting a hunt. Howard got a signal in ten minutes and could not get the item
due to the waves, his machine stopped working so Rob and Bill took turns searching. Rob found the target and after 6
attempts came up with the beautiful gold chain. The plan was to meet with Elias and Nour the next day to return the
chain and hunt for the ring, as they had already left for their friends wedding.