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Ring lost while brushing snow from windshield, West Omaha, Nebraska

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

Ahhhh, nothing more vitalizing then fresh fallen snow, until you lose your wedding ring in it.  This ring was lost while clearing snow from a car without gloves.  The combination of cold wet fingers and a little shake was all it took to send it flying.  I assured the owner, that we (Rachel and I) would find her ring and it shouldn’t take us very long.   Shouldn’t was the key work there.

Once we got there, she showed us where her car was parked and went over how it lost.  We started searching, after about 30 minutes, I was a bit puzzled.   We went over the scenario again, the car hadn’t moved and the parking lot hadn’t been plowed. We scanned the most likely area two or three times and now it was time to start looking in the not so obvious places.  While looking under the car parked next to hers, I asked “was this car parked here when you lost your ring.”

She said “No” and pointed to a car a couple spots down.  I walked over to it and started looking at it for places where a ring might end up, when all of a sudden I heard a shriek.  I looked at her and all she could do was point.

Stuck between the back window and trunk was her ring.  Not only did it end up on another car, it also took a trip around town on a few errands.

Lesson learned – Never rule out anything.

Search time: 45 minutes.

Ring recovered Fremont Lakes, Fremont, Nebraska

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

Ring was lost while playing with kids in lake, tossing the kid and the ring came off.   Attempts to find the ring by diving down and feeling with hands and feet failed to find it.  Owner had a pretty good idea where in the swimming area it was lost.  While searching on the internet to rent a metal detector he came across the ringfinders and gave me a call.  Drove out after work and ring was found after about 20 minutes.