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Lost Ring In Alberta River — Recovered

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Lost White Gold Wedding Band Recovered for Newly Weds

Dorothy found my Bio on  TheRingFinders.com  and called me today. Dorothy and her Husband of Two Weeks had been out rafting on the Little Red Deer River, Alberta,  three days prior to her call.  They were just passing over some rapids when their raft was heading toward a dead fall tree, her husband reached out to hold the branches from hitting Dorothy when it happened.  The tree dragged off his 2 week old 18k White Gold Wedding Band.  They searched the river themselves but had no luck.

I headed out to the site right away it was just over 100 km to get to the part of the river where the loss had happened.  Dorothy pointed to the rapids, the dead fall tree and also suggested another set of rapids further up stream may be a possibility.  I waded into the river, the current was quite strong, I headed toward the dead fall tree on the opposite side. I found it was only possibly to swing my detector with the current so taking very small steps I would submerge the coil swing with the current, take the coil out of the water and repeat.  The bottom of the river was all cobble so I made sure to check in behind each boulder as I came upon them. At about 3/4 of the way across I got a loud sweet sound in the range I would expect white Gold, so I paused and looked into the water and saw something glimmering up through the water.  I reached in and came up with just pebbles but the next grab got the prize, I called to Dorothy and asked if it looked like the one we are looking for, she replied is it the ring.  I exclaimed, “I don’t know I’ve never seen it before” knowing full well it must be the right ring.  Once  she saw it she was over the moon with excitement looking forward to letting her hubby know, he was unable to attend as he was working.  I got a great big hug from Dorothy and took a photo of her with a big smile. Thank you for the generous reward Dorothy.

Dorothy with Ring Dorothys Husbands Ring