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Wedding Band Lost for 20 Years Recovered in Cochrane AB

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-701-1739

I received a call from Mark yesterday looking for help finding a gold ring that was lost by his Dad 20 years ago in the garden.  Mark explained that he is getting married and would like to find and use the ring as his wedding ring. Knowing that in January in Alberta the ground is frozen and like cement up to a meter down, I advised Mark that I would gladly come out to search for the ring but with one caveat he would have to be willing to dig in the frozen ground. He agreed and we met at the acreage that was his childhood home.   I must add here that Mark had received permission from the new owners for us to conduct the search.

I met Mark at the acreage at 3 pm today.  It was a balmy 5° C ( approx 41° F ) as we started our hunt with Mark trying to remember where the garden was because things had changed quite a bit in the past 20 years. The garden was now a horse paddock and the fences had been moved.   He selected an area that seemed to be close to accurate, according to memory.   

We went to work, me with my Garret AT-Pro metal detector and pinpointer probe and Mark with an electric drill that had a long auger bit and a heavy construction claw hammer.

I would identify the potential targets and Mark would chip away at the ground. I identified approximately 13 targets, most were 10 to 20 cm deep in the solidly frozen turf. I was marking the targets with rocks, at target number 12, I asked Mark to roll a rock over to me to Mark a target that sounded good he rolled a large rock under the fence toward me and it stopped right over the target area, we laughed and thought that must be an omen.  After digging all the rest of the targets and coming up with pull tabs, foil and shards of metal it was time to dig the number 12 hole, which took a lot of effort on Marks behalf. As he loosened the soil and scraped it out of the hole I would check the tailings and then the hole for a signal.  The hole kept getting deeper and deeper.  Just as we were starting to think it was more junk, a glint of gold showed then another and another.  Yes, it was the long lost ring, unfortunately it was in many pieces whether from years of soil tilling or from Marks vigorous digging efforts we will never know but we did recover his Dad’s wedding band lost for 20 years.  Mark may get the ring reconstructed, never the less, he was pleased to have the ring back in the family where it belongs.

It’s never too long to recover lost treasures just ask The Ring Finders.

Thanks for the generous reward Mark.

Lost Wedding Ring – Recovered in Okotoks

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-701-1739

Married Two Weeks and Already in the Dog House
Over the weekend I heard from a distressed young man who had lost his Tungsten Wedding Band, in a wooded area in Okotoks, Alberta.  Chris went on to explain that he had only been married two weeks and needed to find it and it was only a short 10 minute walk into the woods.  I agreed and headed out to Okotoks a 74 km drive from Airdrie.

When I met Chris at our agreed location, he went on to explain that he had been in the wooded area with some friends they had a camp fire and a few libations and he had fallen while walking through the bush.  They had been out hunting for it a couple of times and his friend even bought a toy metal detector but it wouldn’t even find coins on top of the ground.  However, they did mark the area were Chris had fallen.

Once we got to ground zero, Chris asked if he could do anything to help.  I reflected back to when my kids were little and I would detect a resort beach and put straws in the sand, at each signal the kids would take turns digging up coins at the end of the beach they would have enough for ice cream, there I go rambling.  Anyway,  I told Chris he could use my Garrett Retriever and rake away the over burden when I got a signal.  I got a pretty good signal and Chris went to work and I carried on when about 6 ft further on I got another signal and changed direction of my sweep to center it when I saw it was the ring.

I looked over at Chris and he was still feverishly scraping the same spot it was getting a bit deep, I thought I could here Chinese voices coming from the hole he was creating LOL.  I called out to him, Chris,  check this signal out it sounds pretty good, he came over bent down and immediately saw it.  This was a fun outing and Chris was a very happy man and gets to get off the couch.  Thanks for the generous reward Chris.

Chris had already read my Ring Finder Blog and Posed for this just like he'd seen on my Blog.

Chris had already read my Ring Finder Blog and Posed for this just like he’d seen on my Blog.

A nice Tungsten Ring Chris was thrilled to get it back

A nice Tungsten Ring Chris was thrilled to get it back