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14kt. Heirloom Yellow Gold Religious Pendant and Chain Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call from Greg Monday night about 6:30. His son Andrew had lost a gold chain and pendant a couple hours before. Andrew was body surfing waves when he felt the necklace get stripped from his neck. I asked if the clasp broke, but Greg said it was a 24” rope chain that Andrew could easily take off over his head. Explaining to Greg that the tide was now rising, our options were 3:00 in the morning or we could try the next afternoon at low tide. Both of us agreed with the afternoon hunt the next day. I was happy with that as I did not want to go medal detecting in waist deep water with the critters that lurk in the dark.

I caught up with Greg the next afternoon. As we walked to the beach where  many of the extended family were anxiously awaiting my arrival, he explained that the necklace was an heirloom given to Andrew by his grandfather. Poppa Tony had left this celestial plane 6 years ago and had given the medallion and chain to his 8 year old grandson who has not taken it off since. I met about 10 people of the extended family on the beach. Greg and Andrew walked me out to the area to be searched. Returning back to the family to gather my equipment, I had all of them rub their left earlobe for good luck. I headed into the water to start what was going to be a 50 yard by 30 yard grid. Waist deep back to ankle deep water. Neptune was not happy that day as rough surf continued to beat on me. Through the course of one and a half hours I watched family pacing the beach. There was a lot of pressure happening here. Through this time I watched each of them leave the beach. When I came out  to get a drink of water, Greg and Andrew’s uncle were the only two remaining. Greg asked me what I thought. I explained that they said the currents yesterday were pushing real hard to the north, so I’m going back in and expand the grid that direction. Going back into the water had me going through my own little prayer session asking for some guidance, and maybe if Poppa Tony was listening too… I started again in waist deep water moving parallel to the beach. I had walked about 25 yards when I got a banging signal in the head phones. This was the only signal I had in nearly 2 hours. Trying to hold my position in the surf was proving difficult. I missed the target on my first attempt with my sand scoop. Repositioning 90 degrees I sent the scoop back in. Pulling the scoop up to see if we had it I could see the chain dangling half in and half out of the scoop. I started to panic but realized that most of the chain and the medallion were in the scoop. Greg and his brother in law were looking on from 100 yards away as I raised my scoop in their direction and headed for dry sand.  Their world is right again and The smiles tell the rest. Albeit Neptune, God, or Poppa Tony we all won that day. I’ll enjoy the win. And, Poppa Tony’s necklace gets to continue the story with Andrew.

Greg, thank you for trusting me to do this search, and thank you for the generous reward.


  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Getting ready to go to work, I picked up my cell phone to discover that I received a text the night before. I called him to start the normal investigating process.  Rich and Janet were on their honeymoon in Myrtle Beach when Rich lost his 14kt. gold wedding band. He was not sure where he lost the treasured ring but had a fairly narrow slot on the beach to search.

I met Rich at the resort 40 minute after our conversation. He walked me out to the area on the beach, explaining that it should be in the dry sand where they were camped out for the day, or in the water out to waist deep at low tide. I knew the tide was not in our favor for a water search. Our goal for the morning was to eliminate the dry sand area, and if need be come back later in the day for a water search. There were a few groups already camped out on the beach. They looked on as Rich explained the area from the previous afternoon. I worked around towels, umbrellas and chairs for 10 minutes when I got a great target signal. I missed it the first time with the sand scoop, but I could see a glint of gold on the edge of the hole. I carefully used the sand scoop to reach in and retrieve his wedding band. I held the scoop out for him to pluck it out. I could easily see stress come off his shoulders as he had his “Precious” back on his finger. Yes, I made a Lord of The Rings pun. Sorry for that.

Rich and Janet, Thank you for the generous donation to our cause, and thank you for trusting The Ring Finders to help reunite you with your precious wedding band. Traveling Mercies back to Connecticut.

Keep your Phone close, and your metal detector closer!

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I was sitting on the back patio waiting for my bride to get home. I promised her dinner out after just finding a ring for Queen (Previous Story). I was enjoying a beverage when she arrived. Then, my phone rang with a ring search. I think The Ring Finders’ wives are use to this drill. I answered the phone to talk with Chris. He told me how he lost his ring in the ocean earlier in the day and that now this spot was dry. With sunlight fading I jumped in the truck and headed his way. Chris, Anja and their son Leo were staying at one of our local camp grounds.

I met Chris at the front gate and followed him to the beach. I handed Chris my sand scoop and grabbed the rest of my gear. We walked to the area on the beach. As I was taking off my shoes, Chris used my scoop to draw a 20 yard square in the wet sand. He told me “It was in that box”.  Getting to the lower part of his box I started the grid with my trusted Excalibur. On the second grid line I got the beautiful low golden tone in my head phones. My sand scoop retrieved the missing prize. I took longer to put on my shoes than to find Chris’ Wedding band. On the way back to the truck Chris told me that He and Anja have been married for 25 years. Chis had not been wearing his wedding band for 16 years. Having recently lost some weight, he was once again able to wear it for the last few months. He was upset at the loss, and equally happy that we found the wedding band. It happened so fast that I was still able to make my promised dinner.

Chris and Anja, thank you for the hansom reward. All the best on your way back home to Atlanta.


Humdinger! White gold and diamond ring Lost and Returned In Myrtle Beach.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I was trying to wrap up Friday’s work when I got a phone call from Queen. She had lost a very special ring at the water’s edge about an hour before. I explained the incoming tide would have it covered up and that we should wait a couple hours for the tide to turn and go back down. We made arrangements to meet in 2 hours and I should be able to find it in short order.

I met Queen on the beach and she walked me to the area she lost the ring while scooping up a daughter from the surf. She was very certain of the area. I fired up my Excalibur and walked north about 20 feet and entered the water. I had taken only two steps when I got a tone in the phones that knocked my ears off. I missed the target with the first try and repositioned for a different angle. Scoop number 2 had the target. I swear, I think my sand scoop weighed more than it really should. My eyes bugged out of my head when I looked into the scoop. I walked about 30 feet up out of the trough and handed Queen her very large ring. Queen shouted with joy and exclaimed “Wow, Two scoops”. I responded “Just like Raisin Bran”. She was one happy lady. The smile tells the rest.

Queen, thank you for the very generous reward. Traveling Mercies back to Atlanta.


Tungsten Wedding Band Found and Returned In Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Once again I got a phone call from Jim Wren TRF about a ring lost in Myrtle Beach. Jim sent me the contact information and I returned Lisa’s phone call. We made arrangements to meet at the beach the next morning to get a low tide window to search for her husband Rob’s wedding band. Meeting Lisa, Rob and friends on the beach I had them all rub their left earlobes for good luck. Rob then walked with me down to the water’s edge as he explained how he lost the ring catching a football. Like Frodo’s ring, it glistened in the sunlight just before disappearing into to waste deep water. I searched for this ring for a couple hours with no luck. I walked up to the group and told them that I was through for the day. They told me they were going to be going home the next morning. “That’s okay” I told them as I assured them I was going to return a couple more times as I felt the ring was still there to be found. Two days later I returned at low tide. After a couple hours of searching I was defeated again. I really felt like that ring was there so it was hard to walk away. Nearly a week later I was talking with Jim Wren about some of our recent searches. Jim had not had a search for a week or so and was bored sitting around the house. I told him that I was going to revisit this location the next day and asked if he wanted to join me. He jumped at the chance. We met at the time and place the next morning and went to work. I used my sand scoop to draw a line in the sand toward the water indicating the center of our search area. I picked one side and he took the other. Working perpendicular to the tide line we entered the water. On our 4th grid line I notice Jim digging a target. He looked up and nodded toward the beach. Sure enough, he had Rob’s wedding band. I sent Lisa a picture and asked if it looked familiar. It did not take her but seconds to respond with a capital YEAH! Jim and I hung on the beach for a few more minutes when Jim asked “Don’t you just hate that”. What I asked. When you ask somebody for help on a ring search and they find it instead of you. “Well yes” but after spending 2 days in the water I was looking for some help. Jim and I both have found rings for each other on more than one occasion. Either way, I’ll take the win. Jim, I think I owe you one.

Rob and Lisa have the wedding band she put on his finger 23 years ago. Amazed smiles tell the rest of the story.