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Lost Rolex Watch Found in Palo Alto with Metal Detector

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
lost rolex found with metal detector

Can you see the Rolex beneath the Poison Oak?

William was working outside his beautiful creekside home in Palo Alto. He had gathered a large armful of branches and clippings and hauled them up to his dumpsite. When he threw the clippings, he stumbled, caught himself on a tree branch, and felt his Rolex President watch fling off his wrist.

William searched everywhere, and raked the clippings, but could not find the Rolex anywhere in the tangled brush. This watch had been a great timepiece for 35 years, and he wanted it back!

He searched for “metal detector rentals” and found The Ring Finders. I was able to meet him that afternoon at his home. When he showed me the site, I understood how difficult it would be to find the ring: the area was uneven, heavily overgrown, and covered in Poison Oak!

I started at the end of the search zone furthest from the Poison Oak. No luck. So I worked my way back toward the center of the zone. I found a few large targets like chewing tobacco tins and crushed aluminum cans, but no watch.

Finally I got a large hit along a steep area covered with brush. I couldn’t see anything, so I used my pinpointer to push away some branches. Was that a crinkled gold foil candy wrapper? Nope, it was a watchband, attached to a pristine Rolex watch without a scratch.

Thank you William for inviting me to your home to recover your watch!

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Here's a closer view of the lost watch.

Here’s a closer view of the lost watch.

Happy after recovering the lost watch!

Happy after recovering the lost watch!

Lost Ring Found on Volleyball Court in Silicon Valley

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Lost ring found in Mountain View CALast week, TK was playing volleyball with friends at work. When the ball came his way, he set it for another player to hit over the net. As he hit the ball up with both hands, he saw his platinum wedding ring fly off his finger into the sand.

TK and his teammates searched the sand, but could not find the ring. He went online to look up metal detector rentals, but he was concerned that it might be hard to learn how to use a rented metal detector in time to find his ring. Then he found TheRingFinders.

I met TK at his workplace on Sunday. When he showed me the volleyball court,  we noticed that the sand was quite deep: I dug down 10 inches/25 cm and still didn’t find the bottom. This could have been a problem, because TK’s ring was platinum, which is harder to detect than the same size ring in silver or gold. If the ring had been pushed deep by searchers or other players, it could have been a difficult search.

But fortune was smiling on us that day. The sand was free of the junk targets you would find at a public beach, things like pull tabs, foil and bottle caps. After a few minutes, I got a weak signal. At first the signal wouldn’t repeat, which is usually an indication of a junk target. But because it was the only target so far, I kept swinging my metal detector in that area. Once I swung slow and low enough, the signal repeated, and my first scoop pulled TK’s ring up from about 4-5 inches beneath the surface.

Renting a metal detector can be a difficult way to find lost rings and jewelry. TheRingFinders make finding your lost ring easy!


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Mom’s Wedding Band Lost and Found in Los Altos

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost wedding band found in Los Altos

Lost wedding band found in Los Altos

Jeannette contacted us on Saturday. Her 81 year old mother had lost her wedding ring in the backyard of her Los Altos home. She believed that she lost it in the grass while she was throwing a ball for her dog. Jeannette’s brother rented a metal detector to search for it, but did not have any luck.  

We spoke with Jeannette on Sunday and arranged to meet on Tuesday. Because the ring was on private property, there was no risk of it being found by somebody else, so there was no rush. When we arrived, Jeannette’s mom reenacted how she lost the ring, with an underhand toss of a large tennis ball for her Golden Retriever. She said she had felt the ring fly off her finger.

The grassy area where she threw the ball was small, so we searched it first. After two overlapping searches with two detectors we didn’t find it, so we knew it wasn’t there. Next we started searching the planted beds on either side of the grass.

Gold is funny sometimes. When its buried in grass, it is the same color as the dead grass among the roots. When it is lost in a planter bed covered in bark, it takes on a darker color that is also hard to see. But metal detectors aren’t fooled by this chameleon act. We found the ring after just a few minutes of searching in the beds. Everyone went home happy!

It's easy to see the gold wedding band from up close.

It’s easy to see the gold wedding band from up close.

It's much harder to see the lost ring when you take a step back!

It’s much harder to see the lost ring when you take a step back!