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A Successful Wedding Band Recovery In Minocqua, WI

  • from Wausau (Wisconsin, United States)

This young man Ben lost his wedding band while on vacation.  He was out fishing and got a lure stuck on a log.  It was hot out so no problem he thought “I’ll just jump in the lake and unhook it.”  So he dove in and when he surfaced he realized his wedding band was gone.  Oh the sinking feeling of realizing his ring was gone forever, or was it.

While surfing the internet he discovered theringrinders.com.  Looked up his local ringfinder, and made a call.  That’s where I come into the story.  After a quick call and a few questions about how he lost the ring, we made an appointment for the next day.

I showed up with full scuba gear and an underwater detector.  We took a pontoon boat out to the site where he lost the ring.  I assessed the situation, suited up and in I went. Visibility was very poor, after a little movement silt blinded me and I had to do the recovery by feel.   Each target I found with the detector I had to feel it out using my pinpointer probe.  After finding a couple pieces of lead in about 12 feet of water I was on another target.  As I was feeling my way to the target and then I felt roundness, it was the ring.  The feeling of relief knowing that I had just made this young mans day.  Another happy theringfinders.com customer.