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How to Find a Lost Ring — Sanibel / Captiva, FL — Another Success Story!

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Another successful ring recovery as told by the happy family: captiva-ring-find-text-pic-closeup

“My dad now has quite the memory of his first vacation in 14 years. . .    It turns out, while we were in Florida, my dad lost his wedding ring in the Gulf of Mexico at one of mine and Eric’s favorite beaches on Captiva Island.  He didn’t realize he lost it until halfway through our trip.

While trying to figure out where he could have lost it, my helpful husband Eric decided to look through our camera to try to narrow down a ballpark time and location.

We found we had a picture of him with the ring on before going into the ocean on our first day, and one of him right after coming out of the ocean, but without the ring on.  Then, no more photos of him with the ring on after that.  That was where we narrowed it down to losing it on our favorite beach on Captiva Island.

I found a site called the and on a whim called a nice man (Craig Ostendorf) who lives in the area.  I asked him how good he was at finding rings in the Gulf of Mexico.  He said he had a 95% success rate–we all kind of laughed.  I told him the location of the beach where we figured my dad had lost the ring, and just a few hours later that evening, he texted me a photo and asked: “Look Familiar?

It was my dad’s ring!  Now, thanks to our investigative work and the services of Craig the ring finder–31 years of marriage and my dad still has his wedding ring.”captiva-ring-find captiva-ring-find-text-pic