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Lost ring in Long Lake Grand Traverse County, Mi found with a metal detector.

I received a call from Dave about a sentimental ring lost in Long Lake in Grand Traverse County, Mi.

I knew from the story this is one ring I had to find. They thought the ring had flown off a finger by a sweeping motion with her hand.

I told Dave the ring is there, I would find it. The only issues are all the stuff in the water over the years to sort through.

I told him this could take 10 seconds or 10 hours. I did find a lot of stuff in the water. Old coins, matchbox cars, screws, bolts from the dock, washers, nuts, and a shotgun shell casing.

I searched the primary area they set out and did not find the ring. I then decided to search under the dock; after 2 hours of searching, I finally found the ring at the edge of the dock, making everybody very happy.



Lost Gold Wedding ring found in Interlochen, Mi with a metal detector.

I received a call from Vivian today while I was at work. Vivian needed some help because her husband had lost his Gold Wedding ring for the second time.

It was lost in the water at a private house in 2 feet of water.

I met them after work the same night. I started with a grid search, then after being in the water for 20 minutes, I found the ring.

This was a nice little short search after work.


Lost ring at the Torch lake Sandbar returned to owner

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

This call is different than what I normally do.

I was at the torch lake sandbar and found a men’s wedding ring. I didn’t have a call to look for it I just found it on my own.

The ring had GPS coordinates inside the band. I drove to the location that was about 4 miles from the lake. I was greeted with a locked gate saying, “welcome your on camera.”  Well, that didn’t work, so time to figure out a plan B. I use an app on my phone called ON X hunt. I found the name of the owner of the property and then searched but could not come up with a phone number just an address 2 1/2 hours away from my house. I actually had to drive by the address when traveling for a family function a couple of weeks later.

I stopped at the location, and a woman answered the door. I asked her, “did your husband lose a ring at the torch lake sandbar?” She said no, but my son Sam did!