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Vintage Gold Wedding Ring Lost in 2013 – Found and Returned in 2019 – The Ring Finders

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-748-4031

I recently shipped a lost wedding ring from Oregon to Hanoi, Vietnam. The couple lost it on their wedding day in 2013 near Eugene, Oregon… And Now, The Rest of The Story.
During an outdoor wedding at a large barn & acreage setting, while exchanging rings, Leisha asked Chad to put her band in his pocket because it didn’t feel comfortable with her engagement ring. Upon retiring for the evening Chad realized he no longer had the ring and after a fun filled evening of pictures, dancing, handshakes and hugs it could be almost anywhere on the property. They contacted the wedding venue host but no amount of visual searching helped. Chad’s job takes them to many countries and recently, while in Hanoi, he learned of ‘The Ring Finders’, contacted me, and the hunt was on!
Pictures of the event were invaluable and Nancy, the owner, was very accommodating. I used a Minelab CTX 3030 for this search as it gives me solid identification and a visual representation of round ring like objects. An 8 hour round-trip drive and 2.5 hour search netted the ring along with surprises and of joy. “You have got to be kidding me” was Chad’s first response followed by many other words of astonishment.
The ring is now on Leisha’s finger, mission complete!

‘The Ring Finders’ – Good folks doing great things to reunite people with their treasured jewelry! Give us a Call!

Heirloom Diamonds & Platinum Ring Lost on Oregon Beach – Found by The Ring Finders

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-748-4031

Ryan and Mikka were vacationing on the Oregon Coast when Ryan discovered his wedding band missing. He had placed it in a zippered shorts pocket before heading onto the beach and realized 4 hrs later that pocket had a hole in it. I met Ryan, Mikka, Jack & Sally the following day and Ryan showed me 3 likely search areas South of their stroller wheel marks from the day before. With my CTX and 17″ coil I started covering sand but 2+ hrs later I hadn’t found the ring so we talked some more. He recalled another small area and I also decided a couple more 70 yard passes out to the ocean and back was reasonable… no ring. Before heading to the beach house with the bad news I decided to search a 30′ x 30′ area North of the stroller marks, and there it was, approx 20′ away… the stresses of losing a precious item easily fogs our recollection.
Both Ryan’s band and Mikka’s wedding ring have diamonds in them that were passed down through the family and therefore priceless to them… I love stories like this and that’s what makes our service, The Ring Finders, so special.
Ryan & Mikka, I really enjoyed our visit and returning your precious wedding band. I wish you and your family many years of happiness.

Portland & The Columbia River Gorge
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