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Lost Diamond Earring Found In North Georgia, U.S.A

  • from Talking Rock (Georgia, United States)

Hello to all!! My name is Greg and I live in the North Georgia mountains.  I am an avid outdoorsman and a devout metal detecting enthusiast. I got a call from a very nice gentleman the other day who had found my webpage on The Ring Finders website. His wife had lost one of her  very valuable, and more importantly sentimental, diamond earrings while doing some yard work. They told me that they had been on their hands and knees for countless hours looking through their lawn but to no avail. I made the hour drive to their home in the hopes and effort to find this earring. When I got there I met the husband who had the other matching earring. I own several White’s Electronics metal detectors and brought along my trusty and beloved Spectra V3i with wireless headphones (I LOVE this machine:) as well as my White’s TRX pinpointer.  I used the “other” earring to get a good baseline on my detector for what I was looking for. My main concern was the size of the stud on this earring (obviously you can’t find diamonds alone with a detector……). When I say the stud, or post, was tiny I mean it was SUPER tiny!!! I started out with the stock DD coil on my detector but after discovering the amount of buried construction debris and trash in the yard I pulled out my smaller 4”x6” Eclipse Sharpshooter coil and swapped it out. An hour and a half into my hunt, low and behold I FOUND IT!!!!  I think I was more excited than they were…. lol. This is probably the smallest item of value I have ever found for someone requiring my services. The husband and wife were overjoyed in the fact of being reunited with such a precious, valuable and sentimental item. I couldn’t have been more happy or pleased to have been a part of this. Take care and give me a call if I can help you out. You can find me on by typing in North Georgia Mountains in the “locate” box. Thanks!