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Lost Platinum Wedding Band on beach in Long Beach Island,NJ Recovered by Ed Cropski

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received Adriene who stated that her brother-in-law had lost his wedding ring on the beach. He had taken the ring off and put it in the pocket of his beach so he wouldn’t lose it while swimming in the ocean. Unfortunately at the end of their day he folded the chair up and headed back to their house forgetting the ring in the pocket of the chair dumping it into the sand where they were sitting by the waters edge. This took place 2 days before and when I arrived to do the search a large amount of sand had accumulated on the beach and although I search for 5 hrs I was unable to locate the ring. 2 days later I received another lost ring call just blocks away and decided to stop back at this site to see if the sands had moved from the high tides and heavy rain we had the previous day. Luckily when I arrived the sands had shifted and after a 20 minute hunt I located the ring still a foot down in the soft sands. I called Adriene ¬†and told her the great news. She couldn’t believe that I found it and was excited to tell her brother-in-law the news. We met the next weekend for the return. Another great day!IMG_2919IMG_2904 2