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Platinum Wedding Band Recovered in Ocean Beach Dunes – Metal Detecting San Francisco

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Josh and his wife were just picking up their picnic stuff after a nice afternoon at the beach. They had chosen a secluded spot way up on the dunes, where they could could see the whole beach, to set up. As Josh reached down for his backpack to leave, his wedding band slipped off his finger and dropped into the soft dune sand. They searched and sifted the soft flowing sand with their fingers until dusk. As the light was fading, they found me at and we agreed to meet the next morning.

Ocean Beach is San Francisco‘s largest public beach. It’s really long and wide, with some big grass covered dunes at Great Highway and Lincoln Way. There are many little private spots to relax.

It took me about 10 minutes to locate Josh’s platinum wedding band under about 12 inches of loose sand, (where he is standing, below).

A very faint signal came from deep in the sand, as his ring had slid down from the top of the dune about 4 feet, and buried itself in deeper.

Josh and his wife were very grateful, and relieved, as you can see in Josh’s genuine smile.

Josh’s platinum wedding band!


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