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Lost Ring In Blue Springs, Missouri

  • from Lee's Summit (Missouri, United States)

Saturday morning around 8:30 I received a call from Don. He asked if I could help him find his ring? I said no problem. I then asked him a little about how it was lost? Don said it fell off shoveling snow. He also said he had been looking for it the previous day even borrowing a metal detector to do so. He said it was frustrating trying to use a detector without a manual or experience. I told him I would be there around 10:30. Please watch the video of the search.

Don wrote me a very nice letter after I left:
I had almost given up hope of ever finding my ring. My wife tried to encourage me saying you will find it. After searching as much on my own as I could I came across ring finders on the internet. I called Kenny and he told me to email him my address and he would come by and look for it. He was here just around 15 minutes and found it. I can’t tell you enough how much the ring means to me! It’s not a real expensive ring but it was a ring my Mom gave me for our wedding. My mom is old and won’t be around forever but every time I look at and think about the ring it reminds me of my mom and my wife on our wedding day. If you lose something and you think all hope is gone of ever finding it just give Kenny a call he’s a honest guy and he might be able to help you.
Thanks again!
Don Gillen