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Ring lost while sledding down hill Ithaca NY- FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Kate called me on Saturday, Feb 5th and stated the she had lost her ring while sledding down a hill on the Ithaca College Campus.  I had just returned for a search that I was not successful because all the snowfalls that we have had this year there was lot’s of layers of snow, ice, slush, back to snow and ice again, and that builds up many layers that the metal detectors can not shot through very well.  I was putting off the search for the first ring until the snow melted down and I told Kate that I would also put of her search until then also, but that I would keep in contact with her at least once every week. Finally on February 22th the weather was right for a successful search so I set up a met for Thursday Feb 23th.  This is a video of that search