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Fireman’s Lost Wedding Band Recovered on Ocean Beach!

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Rob was enjoying Ocean Beach with his wife and children down by the water. He went for a swim and relaxed on their blanket. But when they went to pack up Rob realized his wedding ring was missing! They searched and searched around their spot for several hours, but with the sun going down and a long drive ahead, they had to give up. But here’s where Rob’s professional training kicked in: He did two smart things: First he recorded the exact Latitude and Longitude on Google Maps (its called planting a PIN), and next, he dragged a line in the sand from where they were sitting all the way back to the parking lot.

Rob called me from Modesto the next day to seek my help. With his excellent directions, I was quickly able to locate the trail in the sand back to their general towel spot not far from the water, (which had been obliterated by a high-tide overnight) and then to exactly pinpoint it with his GPS coordinates.

I began a spiral search pattern from his PIN on on Google Maps, and found his ring on the time around.

Thanks to Rob’s quick thinking, I was quickly able to locate his ring and return it to him a few days later at his FD Station House in the East Bay!

Quick thinking by Rob and solid searching techniques paid off that day!



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