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Lost Gold Chain Virginia Beach, Virginia… Found.

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

I was only detecting the oceanfront at Virginia Beach when Mrs. Hubahib approached me and asked if my detector could find a chain lost in the sand about three hours earlier in the morning. She took me to the area, roughly 5’x 10′ and not out in the water as the tide/waves were a bit rough. It was on my third pass (and after 3 bottle caps) that I easily found the chain in less than 5 minutes time. Extreme happiness would be putting it mildly as the reaction from Mrs. Hubahib. I informed her she would have to compensate me… and she said OK.  Stifling a laugh, I told her I would need a bottle of water for payment. She excitedly said “Yes ,Of course!!!” I waited as she ran off and within several minutes she returned with her husband, Dan. It was now revealed it was his golden chain with the cross medallion. They had come out onto the beach to watch the sunrise and for some reason had taken his chain off, placed it on the blanket and I’m sure you know the rest. Upon leaving, they stood up, shook out the blanket and returned to their beachfront hotel. It was in the room that he realized he wasn’t wearing his chain and frantically returned to the area to search but without any luck. Mrs. Hubahib just happened to see me hours later grid searching an area and requested my help. The bottle of water was more than enough payment from these visitors from New York…and just so everyone should be aware, there weren’t any hugs or handshakes due to the nature of the virus, but we got in a good fist bump!