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Lost Ring Found Cheriton, Virginia.

from Exmore (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-757-350-1123

Today while at work I received a call for a lost Titanium Wedding Ring. Had to wait until the end of my shift to drive to their home. After arriving and some pre-search questions, I took out my AT PRO and went to hunting. Had the owner stand where he was at the time he was throwing away some old dead flowers into the pile of limbs and snow. The distance was very short , but over a short wire fence. I started my first sweep towards the fence where he had stood and my first target ended up as a bottle cap. My second target however, was the target I was after. His wife had just made it from the fence to the steps to get a flashlight. Her husband yelled out “Never mind the light, Tim has it in his hand.” They were both very happy and thought it wouldn’t Be found until after all the snow had melted away. I was determined to not let that happen, only 15 minutes into the search the ring was back into their hands and back where it belonged, on his finger.

The search only took 15 minutes, but, the key to the hunt came from questions of where were you standing, how hard were the old flowers thrown and how. So brother finders, ask as many questions as you can think of and you too will have a successful return !!20141108233244 (22) 20141108233244 (23)