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Gold Wedding Ring lost in water off Sauvie Island Oregon – Found by Del Witters

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Eric’s description of the day – My Saturday was a roller coaster of emotions. Started on a high catching up with friends and swimming in the river to escape the heat. Unfortunately, the fun did not last long. After a short while in the river I realized my wedding ring, of about one year, was missing and there was a 2500 sqft area of river where it could have fallen. My friends and I spent over an hour looking and a man even offered his snorkeling mask but I could barely see the bottom. After returning the mask, the man suggested I find a metal detector so the google search began, “Lost ring in water help Portland.” This led me to “Ringfinders”. I called the Portland number and Del answered. He heard my story and said he could leave immediately from The Dalles area; that’s a 2+ hour drive on a late Saturday afternoon, who would do that? The 2 hrs went by slowly and my mind was mixed with anxiety, grief, and anticipation. It also included the dreaded phone call to my wife — but the moment Del arrived I felt a sense of hope. He presented himself very professionally and stated with confidence he would find my ring. Del asked a few questions and got straight to work. 1.5 hours of scanning passed and I became less hopeful until Del stopped, like many times before, but this time I felt he’s got it. He lifted the scoop from 2′ of water, shook the muck out, and we heard the metal-to-metal clinking. With a smile on his face Del asked, “you guys want to come look at this?”. I’m sure I alarmed everyone on the beach with the largest shout. The sadness of losing my ring for over 6 hours was overcome by an overwhelming sense of joy and I jumped around with the biggest smile; note the selfie! Spectators clapped, cheered, and offered congratulations. Del said mine and my wife’s reaction and the return of a precious item is why he enjoys being a “Ring Finder”. Thankfully there are amazing people in this world who give their time to bring joy to others, thank you Del Witters – I will never forget. The moral of this story; there are awesome people in this world and never wear your wedding ring in the water after applying sunscreen.

Eric, Thank you for the call and the opportunity to return your wedding band. I wish you and Lauren the very best!

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