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Ring lost in Burke, Virginia found and returned!

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

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July 23rd, 2021: Returned ring lost in shallow water, Fairfax County, VA

I was eating dinner when I got a text from Isabella. Earlier that day, she was playing fetch with her dogs in a local lake.  She lost the ring while throwing a stick. When I called, she explained the stainless-steel ring belonged to her recently deceased father and it was very important to her. I quickly grabbed my gear and we met at the lake.

Isabella led me through the woods to the spot she was exercising her dogs. While throwing, she felt the ring slip off, but didn’t see it or hear it hit the water. I asked her to throw a stick to observe her technique and how far she was throwing.

The water was about knee deep, and there were weeds and silt. There were so many potential stainless-steel targets, I focused only on shallow hits. I concentrated in potential areas in which the ring may have landed based on how Isabella threw the stick.  I expanded my search to the left. Within a few minutes I reached down into some weeds to pull out a beautiful, shiny ring with diamonds! I immediately texted Isabella “I found it!”. After hiking back to the parking lot, I handed Isabella her ring.

A special shout out to Isabella’s friend Danielle, who had heard about The Ring Finders. Thank you for telling Isabella about our international online directory of metal detecting specialists.

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