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Lost Ring in Norman, Oklahoma

  • from Norman (Oklahoma, United States)

From lost rings & jewelry, keys, phones, family heirlooms, and even hidden caches left by grandparents or other family members.  I can help you locate your lost items in Oklahoma or anywhere in the nation.

My name is Derik Keith and hunting for lost items is one of my favorite activities.  As a Real estate investor by trade, treasure hunting is in my blood.  I’ll employ my detective skills, years of experience, and modern high-end metal detecting and treasure-hunting equipment and tools to help you locate your lost jewelry or other family heirlooms.

Find yourself searching for a metal detector rental in Oklahoma.  Do you have experience in operating and understanding how to efficiently use a metal detector to find your lost items?  I wish it were as easy as just waiving the metal detector over the area, waiting for a beep, and “Presto” your item is found.  Unfortunately, metal detecting isn’t quite so simple.  For example, how was your very first experience attempting to play a musical instrument?  I think you get the point.  Like any specialized instrument, it takes thousands of hours to develop the skills to become proficient in the use of a metal detector.

Save yourself time, energy, headache, and frustration.  Contact me for your metal detecting service and I’ll use my years of experience to assist you in the recovery of your lost ring or other items.  405-255-2274.