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Platinum Wedding Ring Set Found and Returned, Litchfield Beach, S.C.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call from Lawton in late April. It was a strange phone call, in that I was on the phone with Lawton while somebody else in their party was on the phone with another metal detectorist. I felt like we were playing “Let’s Make a Deal”. I told Lawton that I could be there in an hour. He told me he would call me back. Lawton called me back a few minutes later and asked me to come to their location.

When I got to the beach I met Lawton’s wife Emily and the rest of the party that were sharing a beach house. Emily had lost her platinum engagement and wedding band set in the powder dry sand where they were sitting. She had taken the rings off to apply sunscreen and had put them in her lap. She had forgotten them in her lap as she stood up to check on the playing children, and there you have it. They search for a couple hours before admitting defeat. The group had pulled all of the chairs into a 15′ circle around the area. There were cans placed in various spots inside the circle. I asked about the cans and they explained that they were taking bets as to where the rings would be found. I told them that I would have to remove the cans to do my search. I had everybody rub their left earlobe for good luck and fired up my trusted Minelab CTX. It didn’t take 30 seconds before I got a great hit in the phones. I sent the scoop into the sand and missed the targets, however in doing so we could see both rings glittering at the edge of the hole. Lawton picked them up and handed them to Emily. Everyone shouted and commenced to do the excited “Ring Dance”. I got an emotional hug from Emily while she placed the rings back on her finger. The same finger that Lawton had placed them 16 years earlier.

I don’t know who had the Coke can, but it was the closest can to the ring locations.

Lawton and Emily, thank you for trusting The Ring Finders and for the generous donation to our calling.