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Rose Gold Wedding Band Found Vancouver WA – The Ring Finders Portland and The Gorge

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

‘The Ring Finders’ – Good folks doing great things to reunite people with their treasured jewelry – give us a call today!
Rodney needed my services to find his wedding band lost while gardening a week or two earlier. We met at the arranged time and surveyed the possible areas amongst his flourishing garden beds. Rodney had a feeling his ring was near a large potted plant so that is where I started my search. Narrowing down possible locations is key to an efficient search and in short order my Equinox 800 and AT Pinpointer confirmed his suspicions; one gold band in hand. Rodney stated, “I guess I should have looked better around there” in which I replied, “without the vibrating alert of my pinpointer focusing my eyes and fingers onto your ring I could not see it.” After the work was done we talked for a while, exchanged handshakes and smiles, and parted ways; seeing a smile is such a rewarding experience and always makes the long drive worthwhile.