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Lost Ring Coos Bay Oregon, Found

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

I received a call from Josie and I could tell by her voice she was distraught over the loss of her precious and very expensive wedding band set. Her husband and her were 4-wheeling in the nearby hills and came to a mud crossing. They got out to check depth and feel for obstacles and when she placed her hand in the mud off slipped the ring. Tenacity best describes their efforts to find her ring; scooping soupy mud, borrowing a family metal detector, and even using a pump to drain as much water as possible. Time was critical because if other trucks used the crossing the ring may be pushed to deep for detection. I assured her I would either find a trustworthy and competent detectorist or make the 7+ hour trek myself to help her. There were no Ring Finders in the area so I called a fellow Coast Guard friend who was nearby and although he had never found gold jewelry he was confident he could help her. We went over his machine and I offered several tips to best ensure his success. When I called Josie back she told me they found a co-worker who could help but he was also an occasional user. I offered her the same tips to ensure their best opportunity of success and suggested they call me before leaving the area if they didn’t find it. When she called 4 hours later I sensed a completely different tone, one of success, and she told me they found the ring within 5 minutes! Her confidence in metal detectors in the hands of competent users was sky high. Congratulations Josie!





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