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Lost Tiffany Pave Diamond Anniversary Ring Recovered in Mill Valley, California 94941

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

This brilliant couple recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Bravo for them. After a very pleasant dinner one night, Marylisa and Godfrey were happily clearing the table, when they accidentally knocked her ring off the high counter, where it started rolling across the floor and went straight out the back door, into the darkness.

Outside the back door is a wooden causeway to the back deck. The ring could have gone right and down a steep dirt embankment, straight and through the openings in the deck, or left into the garden.

I searched all under the deck, on a difficult steep dirt bank with low head clearance. I then searched father down the right bank in heavy brush. With Godfrey’s help, we dug out an old rotten stump that it could have fallen into. After about an hour of fruitless searching, we took a break and had a cool drink with Marylisa on the deck. They are very fun, goodhearted people. Recovering after a pleasant break, I got up, walked over to the garden on the left side of the causeway and found the ring sitting in the garden.

Nothing beats success. Marylisa was extremely relieved and Godfrey was beside himself. Another marriage saved, hopefully for another 10 happy years!

In an amazing coincidence, later that same day, I ran into their daughter and friends and the Sand Dollar Restaurant in Stinson Beach, CA. They had already heard the whole story of the recovery! It was a fun afternoon at the Sand Dollar.


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Water Recovery of Lost Falcon Hunter’s Platinum Wedding Band in Tamales, California 94971

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Eric was hunting ducks with his falcon on a small ranch pond just west of Petaluma, CA near the historic town of Tamales. With his falcon circling patiently above, Eric flung his arms up to frighten some ducks to lift off the water. (Falcons only hunt in mid-air.)   In doing so, his also flung his platinum wedding band straight into the stock pond! Most people panic, but Eric was smart.

Below: The ranch stock pond where Eric lost his ring hunting ducks with his falcon: Hunting Pond w Eric Medium Small











Eric was smart because he called me.

Below:  In the pond with full gear: Waterproof Garrett AT-PRO detector, waterproof headphones, full wetsuit with booties and gloves, long handled plastic scoop, floating gravel sifting platform and the essential lucky hat.

MARS in the Pond 2 Small













Below: After about 30 minutes in the water: Ring in the scoop!

Platinum Ring in the Scoop Small










Below: Close up of Eric’s platinum wedding band for the TRF’s Book-O-Smiles:

Platinum Ring Close-up II Medium
















Below: Eric made it easy by smartly marking the place his ring flew off with his hat. We went back to the exact same place on the shore. I found the ring 20 feet straight out from that point in 4 feet of farm tank water.

Eirc with recovered platinim wedding band medium













Below: On the day of my search, Eric happened to be hunting rabbits with his friend Andrea and her Peruvian Harris Hawk, “Bird”.

eric n andrea n harris hawk hunting near petaluma Med 1-11-15




















After the successful recovery, Eric and Andrea took me hawk hunting on farms around Tamales and Petaluma, CA. Watching the hawk rise up and hunt for a while, and then return,  as Andrea walked the fields with his perch, was the most elegant and coolest human / bird relationship I have every seen.

It was all a very fun adventure in Sonoma County.


SF Bay Area RingFinders Contact: Marshall Smith – Text or call: 415-895-0334

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