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Lost wedding Ring in lake at Ocean View Campground Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from Alex who got my name and metal detecting services information from the campground owners in hopes that I could find his wedding band he had lost about 2 weeks ago in the swimming lake. I had actually just done  a recovery in this lake earlier in the week and was confident I could locate his ring. We arrived at the lake and we entered the water in the area he lost it in while playing with his daughter. While searching he was explaining how much the ring meant to him and 12 years of marriage so he was really desperate to find it. I started to grid search the area and after digging a few coins I got a nice gold signal from my White’s MX Sport metal detector. Knowing that this could be his ring I slowing eased my sand scoop into the sand and brought it to the surface. As the sun reflected into the scoop I could see his wet beautiful diamond ring laying in the bottom of the scoop. He and his friend were totally amazed and filled with excitement with the recovery and Alex immediately said thank you! I could feel his relief and thankfulness in the hand shake and see the look on his face. The people on the beach and in the water around us just added to the moment of yet another great recovery! Recovery #95