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Diving Ring Rescue In A Freak Lightning Storm, Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Perth, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Well this was a first! When called out to Hillary’s Boat Harbour to dive detect for a sentimental wedding ring recently I got to roll onto my back and observe a powerful lightning show from 4 meters underwater!

Weren’t you scared Sean?  mmm.. yeah.. um.. well yes.. quite a lot actually..

I’d arranged to meet David and his wife who were here on holiday from New South Wales at the bathers beach in Hillary’s Boat Harbour. I’d asked David to bring along his swimming gear so he could swim out to where he thought he’d felt his precious wedding ring slip off into the depths a few days before.

I donned my diving gear on the beach and made my way out as well. When David gave me the o.k. I dived down to the bottom which was at about 4 m or so and started a circular search pattern with my metal detector. Initially the visibility was pretty good for a harbour with perhaps 6-7 m but as there is virtually no current in the harbour the water was soon full of sediment and darkness. It is always difficult to explain just how disconcerting being underwater in total or near total darkness can be. It is truly one of those things you have to do to fully comprehend.

When I had returned to my starting position on the first search circle with an assortment of junk I extended outward another meter and started to search a second larger circle around the first when all of a sudden there was one hell of a bang, an intense flash and a pressure wave which made me spit my regulator out into the darkness somewhere in front of me! I didn’t have time for panic to set in, I dropped my detector to the seabed and searched frantically in the darkness for the hose my regulator was attached to and once found, returned it to my gob for a long suck on the oxygen it provides!

As I concentrated on getting my heart and breathing rates back under control I realised there was a lot more light now and that the light was flashing different colours in the clouded water. It now dawned on me that what had happened was not an explosion but a lightning strike somewhere very close by and the flashes were further lightning reflecting off the bottom. Amazed, I decided to move out of the cloud I’d created and to roll onto my back and watch this rather surreal show unfold for a few minutes as I contemplated just how safe it was to be in the water just now! Which I might add it is not, certainly not in shallow water, however being on the surface is less safe again. 

The sun reappeared along with David’s precious! 

When the flashes were getting less frequent I returned to the task at hand which was to finish the second search circle. I was really hoping to find the ring by this method but would only do one more larger circle before switching to a running jack-stay search which is more efficient when searching over larger areas.

Not long later whilst squeezing yet another target filled handful of goop I felt something solid.. and heavy.. and round.. with a hole in it, a big hole as in finger big. As usual when I’m at this point my heart rate goes up a bit as I draw the object in my hand to an inch from my dive mask.. is it is it is it? That turned into an oh yeah that’s the glint of gold, and then an oh yeah its got a pattern on it.. and then.. surely? A quick exit stage left to some clear water and another look confirmed it.. there she was, David’s triple-tone gold wedding ring!


I may not have a beard but.. Merry Xmas Nikki, Ringfinders Style!

  • from Perth (Australia)

What an extraordinary day! After a relatively poor afternoons detecting in the water at one of Perths most popular beaches I returned to my ute and now in a towel threw my wetsuit in the back. I was thinking I must check my phone to see if I had any messages when I turned to see a man on the road and a bike in the air! I rushed down the road (in a towel) to find the man had gone over the handle bars when a car had left the curb in front of him. He was not at all comfortable and may have broken his shoulder besides a serious dose of gravel rash. Luckily a lifegaurd was not far away and was able to take over as while this was going on I’d left my metal detector sitting on the back of my ute. The

Great work Niki! This made it all possible.

ambos duly arrived and it was now that I got in the car and checked my phone. I noticed there was a message from Niki regarding two lost rings. I called her straight away and found the message had been left 3 days before!  She had lost her diamond and platinum wedding set in the water at Whitfords beach whilst on holiday here. From England she now lives in Malaysia but was currently in Melbourne!

As usual the weather forecast was getting worse again over the next few days so being christmas day and only being 20 mins drive I thought it best to have a go asap. I asked Niki if she could send a google earth placemark of where she thought she’d lost the ring and photos of the rings I was looking for while I drove straight to Whitfords beach.

That would be one of em!

After seeing the rings and the location on my phone, and much to the astonishment of the last beach goers, I ran down to the waters edge just as the sun was setting, gouged a start line in the sand with my foot and started searching at some pace into and out of the water, in out, in out, in pulltab, out tent peg, in platinum diamond wedding band, BIG yehaaaa!

I was so excited I almost forgot theres another ring that should be around here somewhere. A few more sweeps of my coil and there it was, another super soft signal (platinum can be very hard to detect).

And that would be its brother!

I peered into my sandscoop and sure enough, there was Niki’s lovely diamond engagement ring, sparkling in my headlights beam!

I called Niki to tell her the wonderful news and when she answered and asked how I was, I was all of a sudden speachless, then I simply said ‘merry christmas Niki!’

I guess it was 11 pm or so in Melbourne when I called, and so it would seem that santa left his very best for last this year…

“Yep, RingFinding Is An Actual Thing, How Can I Help?”, Scarborough Beach, Western Australia

  • from Perth (Australia)

“Yep, ringfinding is an actual thing, how can I help!” was my reply when I got a call from Brett who’d lost his white gold wedding band in the water whilst at the dog beach this morning. He’d been poking around on google when he found ‘’ and then me. He said he was surprised to find such a service existed, and in Western Australia.

After telling me what had happened, I checked the weather conditions and realised I needed to attempt a recovery asap as the wind, swell and tides were getting worse and it may be a week before better conditions for a search in the water might arrive.

Happy happy happy joy joy joy!

I asked if Brett could meet me at the beach in 40 mins to show me where he felt he had been in the water.

After meeting at the carpark I asked him to go to the beach ahead of me while I ‘suited up’, and place a ‘witches hat’ (road safety cone) as close as possible to where he felt he’d lost the ring. Brett had explained they had made some sandcastles in the morning so we could easily find where they had been.

When I got to the beach my heart sank a little as first I realised the sea had washed away the sandcastles (making locating the search area all the more difficult) and secondly the sea conditions did not look at all good for a wading search and in fact shortly after starting the search Brett and I could not move forward against the strong undertow which was also folding my detectors coil back against the shaft!

A bit depressed about the situation I left the water and asked Brett if there was any chance he might have lost it on the beach? He said he felt strongly that he had lost it in the water but could not be sure so I placed a ‘witches hat’ about 5 m either side of the one he had placed and began searching the beach. The first half of the search area produced only one target, you guessed it, a bottle cap! Now normally beer bottle caps are the bane of all metal detectorists (our beaches, parks and roadsides are literally loaded with these and aluminium pull tabs) but in this case when I showed Brett he remembered having seen it whilst mucking around that morning so we knew we were very close to where he had been. This certainly raised my hopes and mood!

As I approached the waves when I started searching the other half of the search area I got a great signal and thought, surely this is it..

As I retrieved the target I could not believe what I was seeing, I had just found a thick gold chain just a few inches down in the sand! On closer inspection we found it was ‘gold plated’ and since we were on a dog exercise beach I figure it was lost by a dog, not a human! (Anyway unless a dog calls to claim it, my dog Dylan now has some ‘lucky’ bling to wear for special occassions such as future ring finding assignments!)

Resuming the search I made another pass up and back and right at the waters edge got another solid signal from my metal detector. Feeling in the sand I felt the unmistakeable shape of a ring and exposing it from the sand, looked up to Brett and said “would this be your ring?”.

Well you can imagine the relief we all felt when Brett began to smile from ear to ear and said “yep, thats definately it”. And so ended the search for another ‘lost smile’. Kudos to Brett for finding near enough, the exact spot where he and his family had been. In the end the ring was within a few meters of the cone he had placed on the beach and I must have been very close to standing on it as I walked down to search the water when we first arrived!

It is always so rewarding to reunite people with their sentimental items, and this one was no exception, I can’t wait for that next call…

Lost Wedding Ring Found In Thompson Bay, Rottnest Island, Western Australia / Found!!

  • from Perth (Australia)

Hi everyone! At 6.27 am on Sunday, I received the following text message from Libby:

Good morning! My husband lost his wedding ring in Thompson Bay @ Rottnest Island yesterday. The location is particularly tricky as there are long seaweed strands clumped close together. The location doesn’t need diving necessarily as it is waist-shoulder deep water, but an underwater metal detector would definitely be required. We snorkeled for 45 mins with no luck. We know the area because we were swimming back to our boat on its mooring which is very close to the beach (so at least we have a marker for location). Could you let us know roughly what a job like this would cost? Thank you so much! Libby & Brett Giroud.

Lost white gold wedding ring rottnest island

Brett’s missing wedding ring (left)

So here we go with my first search as a new member of ‘TheRingfinders Directory’, and its at an island, in the water and if that’s not enough, the ring is somewhere in the thick matted weeds that the Island is well known for, mmm good one! I do love a challenge however and what a great challenge it turned out to be!

After establishing that Brett and Libby were no longer on the island, I started on the detective work…

I learnt that Brett had been swimming with his left arm whilst supporting a bag containing his and his wifes phones and camera out of the water with his right arm, when he felt the ring come off. He later explained he could see some of the starboard side of the boat and that he had thought it just a bit too far to throw the bag into the boat and dive down after the ring. (We agreed he was probably about 5-7 m from the boats starboard side.)

Ta dah! One Wedding Ring.

I arrived on Rottnest Island on Tuesday and after obtaining a dive bottle proceeded to the area where the ring was lost. Rather fortuitously a group on the beach who inquired as to what I was doing had actually been on that part of the beach on the same day and could recall for me how the vessels were laying off their moorings at the approximate 2 pm time of loss. Very useful info and as i suspected the boats had been laying with their sterns pointing to the NE due to the typical summer South west wind – known locally as the “Freo or Fremantle Doctor”. So using Brett’s entry point and the buoy their boat was tied up to as a reference, I determined the rings approximate location to be about 5-6 m to the left of and a few meters back towards the beach from the TB 352 mooring buoy. (I allowed a little for the ring travelling a bit sideways and backwards through the water when it came off)

First I snorkeled out to the location and placed a marker buoy about 8 m to the left of the mooring buoy and returned to fetch my detector and dive tank. Brett remembered seeing a green bottle 3/4 buried in the sand and had been searching near this. Finding the bottle I began my search and quickly found a ring pull tab. O.k so everything’s working I thought and started to return to the beach for ground lines to form a grid across the search area, when I heard a faint signal which I nearly ignored, not wanting to waste any time by searching haphazardly!

Well bugger me, when I parted the sea grass there was Brett’s ring laying half buried in the sand base! Wow, second target and boom, I’d found what Brett had thought he might have lost forever!

Brett feeling very happy with his ‘on the house desert’

Turns out this was only the first part of the story, I’d had an idea, so I called Libby to suggest she invite her husband to dinner somewhere nice and she said it was their ‘date’ night so he would not suspect a thing. Well Libby and I could not wait! Brett was not expecting a call from me until about 8 pm when I was to be returning on the ferry!

I was actually at my local metal detecting club meeting while they were in the restaurant and I had Brett’s ring sitting on top of the champagne bottle on my clubs ‘Find Of The Month’ table waiting for our guest speaker to finish so that the finds could be voted upon! Well every time I thought he was about to stop so I could hike it over to the restaurant and quickly coerce the staff into placing it in an ‘on the house’ desert, the speaker would start telling us another interesting story about an unmarked outback grave. In the end though I had to grab it during the meeting, leave the meeting and race off to the restaurant…… They say a picture tells a thousand words so I guess Brett’s smile says the rest!!