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Metal Detecting Large Silver Coin Collection, Recovered in Coffey Park Neighborhood, after Santa Rosa, CA Wild Fires 95403

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Their home burned to the ground, and their 2,00o silver coin collection buried somewhere in the ruble, these homeowners reached out to me for assistance.

The photos generally speak for themselves.

Setting: Aftermath of the Coffey Park neighborhood fire.

First silver coins located under about 18 inches of fire debris.

Husband and wife, in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), begin to excavate their silver coin collection from the toxic debris of their burned home.

First set of recovered coins and silver spoons in their old Weber BBQ bottom.

Burned tool box tray with more burned silver coins.

Home Depot bucket with more burned silver coins.

Toasted real Tiffany & Co lamp.

Homeowner with 2,000 recovered silver coin collection and remnants of Tiffany & Co lamp.

Most of the silver coins were damaged beyond recognition. He planned to have them refined and formed into silver bars.


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