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Lost Ring at Santa Cruz Beach Volleyball Court…Found!

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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Lost tungsten wedding ring found on Santa Cruz beachBogdan and his wife Karina were spending the day in Santa Cruz with more than 15 members of their church group from Sacramento. Early this afternoon they set up a volleyball net and started a great game. Near the end of the game, Bogdan swung his hands hard near the net, and saw his wedding ring fly off his finger.

They instantly stopped the game and everybody began searching for the ring. They even built a sieve from a soccer goal net and scooped sand into it for an hour and a half. But no luck-they could not find the ring. So they searched the internet and found TheRingFinders.

I got the call a little after 5pm, and made it down to Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz by about 6:30. The whole group was still there, and they all watched as I started my grid search. Because Bogdan had been playing at the net and thought his ring flew forward, the first search area was the other half of the court. After about half an hour I was confident the ring was not there.

Next came the side of the court Bogdan was playing on. After two passes I got a clear tone, which turned out to be his ring. Everybody went home happy tonight. Bogdan and Karina, thank you for the generous reward!

Lost wedding ring foundLost ring found in santa cruz with metal detector



Solid 24k Gold Wedding Band Recovered in Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

from San Francisco (California, United States)
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Two weeks shy of their 2nd wedding anniversary, the husband had been flying his kite when he noticed his solid gold, 24 karat wedding band had somehow slipped off his finger and fallen into the deep dry sand. His ring is an exact match of his wife’s ring, both solid Indian gold. After searching all afternoon with his 10 friends, the husband could not sleep last night. We came back to foggy Half Moon Bay beach this morning, and walked to just south of the state park, where he had wisely marked the search area with a large pile of sand.

I began a systematic spiral search pattern radiating out from his marker pile. After about an hour, and after finding 9-10 beer bottle caps and other debris, about 25 feet from the center marker, I detected what sounded like a quarter. Expecting to add an old  coin to the day’s finds, his glittering solid gold band appeared in my scoop! Solid gold has a deep rich, magnificent texture and color, there is nothing else like it.


This happy couple requested to be anonymous, but agreed to allow me to publish photos of their matching solid gold wedding bands. Happy 2nd Anniversary!


Any day is a great day after a successful recovery. We went our separate ways this morning with a deep feeling of happiness and gratitude in our hearts. Nothing beats a successful recovery on a Sunday morning!

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