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Lost Ring Recovered – Memorial Park, Omaha Ne

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

Sunday morning, I noticed an ad on Craigslist for a wedding ring that was lost in a local park.  I contacted the person and arranged a meeting that afternoon (besides it was going to get me out of mowing the lawn)  I arrived at the park a little early and managed to find 16 cents, two bottle caps, and a couple of the ever present pull-tabs.   Shortly thereafter I met Paula and her husband and got into the details of what happened.

She took off her engagement ring and put that in her pocket but left her wedding band on she put on a baseball glove to join a game of catch.   After playing catch for a bit they began heading back to their car.  She pulled the glove off and retrieved her engagement ring from her pocket, that’s when she noticed that her wedding band was no longer on her finger.

She showed me the general area where she thought she had pulled the glove off on the way back to the car.  I set up a couple of stakes to mark of that area and begin searching.  Shortly after I started, she and her husband begin intently looking at the area where she was standing playing catch.   She felt that it may have been more likely that she dropped it anywhere from there towards where I was searching.  I shifted my focus to where she was standing while playing catch.    Three or so hours of searching for turned up nothing.  Paula and her husband had to leave a little earlier to drop some relatives at the airport, so I sent her a text to let her know that I hadn’t found anything but I wasn’t giving up.

Two days later afforded, about an hour to search after work on my way to get my wife.  I changed my focus back to the original area and begin a grid search.  I had roughly 10 minutes left before I had to get my wife and decided to head for the car.   I was about 15 feet from the car when I had a solid signal on top of the ground.  Stuck the pin-pointer in the grass and had a sold tone, pulled back the grass to reveal a nice platinum band with diamonds.

I immediately took a picture with my phone and sent her a text…..”I hope this looks familiar.”    Shortly after, I received a phone call from a very excited Paula…..she couldn’t believe that I had found it.