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Late fathers gold ring Lost in the Berkshire Hills, Massachucettes

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About twelve days ago I got a call from a Bostonian couple. I recognize the number as being a Boston exchange, so I was hopeful it was an opportunity to help someone via! I was correct, but the ring was lost 152 miles away in Lee, Massachusetts, and 10 months earlier. To make matters worse the couple did not know exactly when or where  the ring came off. Fortunately while reviewing photos from a days outing Katherine noticed Jeff didn’t have his ring on, so this helped narrow the time down to when they were visiting a Massachusetts State Park. Jeff said, “I remember putting the ring on when I got up that morning”  (I provided a few photos of the area.)





Katherine went on to explain that the ring had been designed and made by her father. Here is the first line of her email. “This is quite the needle in the haystack search but I cannot bring myself to make the insurance claim.  I feel that it can be found.  My mom saved it until wedding day and I don’t believe it is gone forever.” She went on to say, ” My dad passed when I was twelve and my mom presented the ring to us as a wedding gift. The ring means the world to me” Katherine also explained how the couple rented not one, but two metal detectors while trying to find the ring on there own. As soon as possible I got Katherine to mail me all photos and a complete synopsis of the days events in the “Berkshire Hills” You know it’s strange how Katherine’s hope inspired me. She believed the ring was not gone forever and so I took upon myself the same attitude. We were going to find this ring.  After 4 hours in the nice and easy to hunt open meadow I had to convince myself the ring was not there, which left only one option. The super duper over the top trashed out spot next to the lake. Most don’t understand what tiny bits of foil, pull tabs, candy wrappers, aluminum cans, and chip bags do to a metal detector and I had them piled up.  Anybody ever play the old style pinball machine where you have two balls going at one time?  It was like five people from five different planets all arguing at the same time and they were speaking in ding dong ping pong dialect, and they were mad! OK enough. So, it turns out I had to take a deep breathe and I will admit I had to say a little prayer. One day at a time and one target at a time is how we proceeded. After doing a great manicure of about 100 feet of lake side I squatted down on my haunches and just kind of stared down the gravel road and thought. After nine months, which included a winter of snow, where would you go Mr. Ring? How about this long narrow strip of piled up sand and gravel. I started from the opposite end this time pushing the leaves, gravel, and sand out into the road when right in front of my eyes the ring rolled out, went about five inches and fell over on it’s side. Don’t tell anyone and don’t ask me why, but I actually got teary eyed. I may have harder hunts and I may have weirder hunts, but this recovery will always be at the top of my list.ringLeeMaLeering2

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