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Unique Wedding Band Lost Damascus OR – Found by The Ring Finders Portland

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Every ring is precious, Doug & Pegs wedding bands are quite unique. They both lost their spouses, who were also friends, so when Doug & Peg decided to get married they had their spouses rings cut in half and melded together by a jeweler; see the two distinct colors of gold.
Doug explained how he lost his ring most likely while searching for his property corner stakes in some ground cover. He and Peg both looked, then rented a metal detector, which was followed by an internet search and discovery of The Ring Finders. It wasn’t a surprise that he wasn’t able to find it with the rented metal detector because his ring was within inches of nearby rebar. My Makro Gold Racer with elliptical coil was able to separate the two metals enough to investigate and the pro-pointer did the rest.
The Ring Finders has given me an opportunity to meet some great folks and witness, first hand, how special a returned memento is… Smiles, from ear-to-ear! Doug & Peg, thank you for your warmth and the opportunity to make this Valentine’s Day a little more special!

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Wedding Ring Lost in the Woods, Found! – The Ring Finders Portland

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

A familiar truck pulled into my driveway and asked if I was free to look for a ring that was lost on a nearby property. Ben hadn’t been married more than a month when he managed to fling his ring off his finger and out the back of the truck while unloading material. Ben, his brother, & cousin looked for a while but the length of the grass and other debris made the success of a visual search nearly impossible. They had a good idea of where it should be, even tossed a nickel to simulate the loss (which I found), but like other ring finds they were a little surprised when my CTX 3030 sounded off where it did. We discussed a lot of theories of how it got there, bottom line, he had it back and was no longer fearing the dog house!

Glad I could help Ben and please pass along to others the good work of The Ring Finders.

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