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Lost ring returned while doing a water hunt in Wasaga

  • from Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

I was metal detecting Wasaga beach in the water and was approached by a gentleman who had lost his ring in the water.  after gridding the area he pointed out and 3 hours of searching I advised him I would have to return to find it the following day.   After 2 hours of searching I was able to find it and call him and return the ring to a very happy man.

It felt good after all that work to see the smile on his face when I handed it to him.   Another successful ring find.

Ted Gaudet

Ring find in the water at wasaga beach and returned to the owner.


Lost Rings, Wasaga Beach… found

  • from Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

Got a call from a young man whos wife lost a wedding ring at the cottage on lake simcoe,  after they searched for it the husband placed his ring near where he thought hers was to see what it looks like for a better idea what to look for.   It too disapeared into the loose sand and gravel mix.     I was more than happy to help them out.

After gridding the water for a few hours I was able to recover both rings one lodged between two rocks using my pin pointer the other a couple of feet away.

I was so glad I was able to help them as they were very happy to get their wedding rings back.



Lost rings located for couple