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Lost Rolex Recovered in Tomahawk, Wisconsin

  • from Wausau (Wisconsin, United States)

 This guy’s brother got into a car vs. motorcycle accident last weekend. He lost his leg in the accident and is still in the hospital. This watch was given to him by his father that past away a year ago. Well anyway he lost the Rolex watch during the accident. 20 minutes on the site, under some dirt and gravel kicked up by the crash there is was.  I was glad to bring a little light to a bad situation.

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Lost Ring Recovered in Wausau WI

  • from Wausau (Wisconsin, United States)

Lost Ring Recovered in Wausau, WI

Lost 14k wedding band recovered in yard.


Lost Ring Wausau, Wisconsin

  • from Wausau (Wisconsin, United States)

Hi my name is Ryan Holubiw.  I recently joined theringfinder.com to help reunite lost rings and other precious jewelry with their owners in the Wausau, WI, central Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Instead of renting a metal detector you can rent a metal detectorist.  I can find lost rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, class rings, or any ring for that matter.