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Lost Silver Turquoise Ring Found in San Jose

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

lost turquoise ring found in san joseChuck was barbequing in his San Jose back yard when he got some chicken grease on his fingers. So he wiped off his hands on his apron, and the next thing he knew, his custom silver and turquoise ring was gone.

Chuck and his family searched the plant beds without any luck. But the ring had to be there-he hadn’t shaken his hands hard enough for the ring to go far.

I dropped by Chuck’s house Wednesday afternoon. My 17-year-old dog Benji was with me to help with the search, and Chuck welcomed us both. Chuck showed me the BBQ and the plant beds where he’d been cooking, and I got to work.

The area was small, so it wasn’t long before I found the ring. It’s a beautiful custom ring that Chuck was happy to have back. Silver and gold have a habit of burying themselves deep in plants and grass, where they can be very hard to see. Look at the left-hand photo below to see how well hidden it was.

We both turned around to look for Benji…and found him swimming across the pool with his front paws on a pool float. Less than five minutes and the dog is in the pool. No harm done: back in 2010 it was raining when we recovered a ring our very first client for TheRingFinders. He gave us a towel, which I’ve kept in my car ever since. So Benji got dry fast and slept on the ride home, as usual.