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Gold Wedding Ring Recovered in Santa Clara Volleyball Court

from San Francisco (California, United States)
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Mohit removed his glasses, shoes and wedding ring for a few games of volleyball after work with co-workers, and laid them by the side of the court. When the call went out for better line markers and the back of the court, everyone picked up their shoes and laid them along the back of the sandy court. Inadvertently Mohit had flung his ring somewhere near the side of the court when he picked up his shoes. After three attempts to find his ring, his wife found me on the RingFinders site.

Gold objects dropped in the sand tend to disappear quickly. Even if you see when they fall, they can be very difficult to find. A metal detector can make short work of the process, as was the case here.

Mohit’s beautiful gold wedding band!


SF Bay Area RingFinders Contact: Marshall Smith – Text or call: 415-895-0334

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Lost Wedding Found in Oakland on Father’s Day

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

Lost palladium wedding ring found in OaklandPhil was gardening in his back yard in Oakland when he felt his ring get pulled off his finger by the chain link fence. Even though the area was small, he couldn’t find the ring anywhere, and he was worried that it might have gotten pulled through the fence to the neighbor’s yard. So he called TheRingFinders.

I arrived on Father’s Day morning. It was clear why Phil couldn’t find the ring: Lots of plants, tight spaces, and lots of loose dirt. I started hunting on my hands and knees with my pinpointer, because there was no room to swing a big detector.

The first metallic target was a large staple that held down an irrigation hose. The second target was buried deep in the dirt and leaves. It took a minute to dig it out, but it turned out to be Phil’s ring. Some recoveries just go fast–this one did because Phil knew the area where he lost the ring.

Everyone went away happy this morning!


Phil with his lost ring, found in his Oakland back yardThe lost ring buried in the dirt and leaves

Two Heirloom Wedding Rings Found in Los Gatos

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

Two lost heirloom wedding rings found in Los GatosWe’ve had a rainy El Niño winter here in the San Francisco Bay Area. During the last heavy rain, Suzanne noticed that the gutters were overflowing at her Los Gatos home (near San Jose). So she got out her ladder, climbed up to the edge of the roof and stuck her hand into the cold water. She scooped out the dirt and leaves and threw them over her shoulder, repeating over and over until the downspout ran clear.

Then she noticed that two heirloom wedding rings were missing off her finger. These rings had belonged to both of her grandmothers, so she absolutely wanted them back. First she searched the yard thoroughly, getting the gardener to help. Then she called a gutter company, who came and removed the downspout. After week with no luck, she looked online for someone who could help with a metal detector, and found TheRingFinders.

Suzanne reenacted the events carefully. She showed me how she carried the ladder from the garage, and where she positioned it against the roof. I had her throw stones exactly the same way she threw the gutter muck, to see where they landed. Five stones all landed in one area, which became Search Zone 1.

Unfortunately, there were no rings in Zone 1. Fence nails, deck screws, irrigation parts yes, but no rings. So we started searching Zone 2, where the downspout gushed out once she had cleared the gutter. Still no luck. Zone 3, under the deck, nothing. Zone 4, where she walked with the ladder, no rings.

So I went back to Zone 1 and started searching again with a handheld metal detector called a pinpointer. Instead of walking along swinging a big coil in front of me, now I was crawling along on my hands and knees waving the pinpointer, which looks a bit like a wizard’s wand. If the tip gets within about two inches of something metal, it beeps. This allowed me to get right up close to the fence and under the bushes.

Bingo. Ring 1 was right at the base of a bush. Ring 2 was a few inches away, almost to the fence. Even after the pinpointer beeped, it took a bit of time to dig through all the leaves and debris before the rings became visible. They were too close to the bush and fence for my big metal detector to find them.

Suzanne now has the rings from both of her grandmothers back on her finger!

Lost heirloom wedding rings found in Los Gatos

Suzanne is happy her rings are back on her finger!

Lost heirloom wedding rings found in Los Gatos

Can you see the rings?


Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Found in Menlo Park

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

lost ring found in Menlo ParkLast night, Benj took out a box of recycling for collection. As he threw the box into the big recycling bin, he felt it scrape his platinum wedding band off his finger. His hand was still in the bin, so that’s where he figured the ring would be.

But he couldn’t find it. After searching the recycling bin and the nearby area thoroughly, he dumped the entire bin into a large plastic bag and brought it upstairs into his apartment. Then he searched the web for Metal Detector Rentals, and found the RingFinders.

I met Benj in Menlo Park (between Palo Alto and Redwood City) this afternoon. We searched the area around the bin, which didn’t take long because it was all concrete. Then we spread out the contents of the bin on the ground.

First we removed the tin cans and inspected them closely. Next we pulled out the bottles, tin foil and miscellaneous metal debris. Then I could begin scanning the rest with my metal detector. This kind of hunt is like searching a crime scene: you have to be thorough.

One of the last items was a dark brown padded envelope. The metal detector indicated that there was something metal inside, but the envelope was sealed, with only a two-inch tear at one end. I scanned it again with my handheld metal detector, called a pinpointer, which indicated there was definitely a small item in one corner. Squeezing that corner of the envelope, I could feel the ring. I ripped open the envelope, told Benj, “Hold out your hand!” and dumped out the ring into his open palm.

Here’s the mystery: How did the ring get into the padded envelope, when there was only a small tear at one end? Benj called it a one-in-a-million chance, and I agree. The good news is, the ring is now back on his finger where it belongs.

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Benj is happy to have his lost ring backLost ring found in padded envelope