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Beach Wrestling Causes Wedding Ring Loss, Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Riley and a heap of mates had been touring Rottnest Island during a friends buck’s party when he had lost his wedding ring. The poor bloke had only gotten married just the week before! He had discovered his ring was missing while waiting for the half hour ferry ride back to Perth. A quick google for ‘metal detecting service’ had turned up my number and he called me from the ferry.

He explained that there had been a fair bit of alcohol drunk and he couldn’t be sure when he had lost it. I knew from his account that there were about 10 of them in the group so I figured a few photo’s were likely to have been taken during the day’s various activities.

Scene of the crime!

They were all together on the ferry and most were still having a pretty good time by the sound of it! This made communication difficult but after asking Riley to check any photo’s they had to see when he last had his ring on we were able to narrow it down to the very last activity which had been a wrestling match on the sand in a remote secluded bay on the south side of Rottnest Island called Porpoise Bay. Although it could have been lost anywhere from the road, down a bush track to the remote beach, it certainly seemed most likely that the wrestling ring in the sand was where the ring would be.

It was now too late for me to catch the last ferry out to the Island so I planned to get on the first ferry in the morning and hopefully find Riley’s precious before he had to tell his wife what had happened!

The next day I arrived on the Island with my metal detector and bike and set off for the south coast and Porpoise Bay. The actual site is called Henrietta Rock’s which is named after the Henrietta shipwreck which is only meters off the cliffs and is often partially out of water at low tide.

The lads had marked a large wrestling circle in the sand and had been taking turns to turf each other out of the circle but when I got to the beach I found no evidence of the circle as although it was close to low tide a stiff south west wind was keeping the beach awash with water and although I was able to detect, the water was full of seaweed which made the detector I had brought with me a little unsuitable. I resolved to come back in a few hours as I expected the wind to die off over the next few hours and make it a bit easier to search the area properly.

Riley’s 1 week old wedding ring

When I returned there was a beach again so I was soon in search of the ring. I realised I’d made the right decision to wait as I found the Riley’s ring on just my third pass and only just in the water. I knew I had actually metal detected over the ring earlier but not heard it due to the false signals and trouble the seaweed had caused. When I retrieved Riley’s ring it took 3 scoops to dig it out! It was down a good 12″ already in just one night.

Pretty pleased with myself I headed back to the road to get some cellphone reception and called Riley to tell him the news. He really was over the moon about it as he said he didn’t really think I would find it but that he had had to try so at least he could tell his wife he had tried everything to get it back!

Order has been restored!

I met Riley and his wife later that day to return the ring, and he had told her the full story by this time so both were very happy as evidenced by their smile photo. Happy days you two!

Love what I do..

Lost In The Ocean, Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring, Rottnest Island – Returned

  • from Perth (Australia)

Hi all! I have just made another successful ring recovery from the ocean, at Rottnest Island.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set.

Unfortunately I can not disclose the exact location at this stage as the custom made platinum and diamond wedding band which the engagement ring fits inside has not yet been recovered and requires a further search using scuba diving equipment.

Conditions on the island were a long way from ideal with the ‘Fremantle Doctor’ serving up 20-25 knot winds combined with the moon serving up mid-cycle tides. As these weather conditions did not look like being any better for over a week, I decided to attempt a recovery despite them.

3rd Item Recovered!

Believe it or not the 3rd signal I dug was the engagement ring, yet despite an intensive search of the secluded bay, the wedding band which should have been within a short distance of its mate could not be found.

One Large Flawless Argyle Diamond!

I decided to stay overnight at the location and make another attempt to locate the wedding band containing 14 smaller diamonds in the morning.


Despite digging up even the faintest of signals including tiny bits of wire and hair pins (from 10 – 12 inches down!) it could not be found after searching the area again and again for over 4 hrs!

I did hear some nicer signals against the edge of the reef but these were too deep and difficult for me to attempt to recover on this occasion and will need to be dived upon when the conditions at the site have improved. Scoops can not be used as the base of the reef where they are is full of holes and cracks.

Another Happy Camper!

Today the owners husband Aldi flew to Perth, from Sydney to pick up the gorgeous, Argyle Diamond engagement ring.

I intend to use a water jet to blow the sand out of these cavities and cracks on my next attempt and I may need to employ a powerful suction dredge to try to recover the metals producing these signals.

Wish me luck! I might need some on this job!