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Lost ring in a snowy parking lot Ottawa Ontario

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)
Courtney felt her ring slip off last Saturday while clearing the snow off her vehicle. She searched the area, but with the ground in the parking lot was covered in snow, she couldn’t find it. When she returned, the plow had pushed all the snow into one corner of the lot. This ring was her grandmother’s wedding ring and is irreplaceable… She decided to do a search and came across Laurie’s post and reached out for help. We started our search but there was one vehicle parked right up against the snow pile. After scanning around it, I asked to have the vehicle moved. I started scanning the area and got a solid signal. I started chipping away at the ice and eventually had a chunk of ice with the target in it. Unable to see anything in the ice, I gave it to Laurie to break up in smaller pieces as I continued to swing the coil. Laurie could see something but chipped at it slowly until she saw what looked to be a diamond setting in a chunk of ice. A few moments later, I hear the 2 of them yell out “THAT’S IT!!!”. they had revealed the diamond. Courtney was happy to be reunited with her sentimental ring. Another happy ending!

Lost 14k Gold Wedding Ring Found In The Water In Ottawa Ontario!

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

We received an early call this morning and met up with a loving couple. They have been married for 40 years and have twin wedding bands! She took an early swim this morning and was standing in water waist high. She was showing a friend on how she just had her ring resized. As she tried to remove it the ring stopped at her knuckle, as she tugged harder the ring flew off and into the water. They searched for an hour with no luck finding it. The husband did a quick search online and found us on The Ring Finders website. We knew that the sooner we arrive the better chance we had at finding that ring. They were able to show us exactly where it happened. The beach was filling up quickly and soon we had an audience. It was a bit of a struggle to see anything we were doing. The pond had a fine sand that would dust up and disrupted our view. We had to feel for our metal detector coil with our foot and try to scoop it up with no visibility. Eric handed me over the scoop after several attempts on a signal chest deep. He decided to head down under the water to try to locate that signal. After a few attempts he comes up with a handful of sand and the glitter of gold! Another successful ring return!


Lost 14K Gold Wedding Band Found In a Park In Ottawa Ontario

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

We received a call from Martial, yesterday he was at the park with his adorable son. His son had some grass on him, when he tried wiping off the grass from his sons clothing. He felt the ring slip off his finger.. He spent a lot of time searching the thick grass with no luck and had to return home to tell his wife. She was pretty sad about it. Today he decided to do some research and found us online, we received his call for help and we met up with him at the London Terrace Park in Ottawa Ontario. He didn’t tell his wife that he called us and hoped to surprise her, he showed me the general area where it was lost. I did a few small passes and within 10 minutes I found his ring! He was so excited to go home and wave to his wife to see if she would noticed he had his ring back!