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Wild Ride for an Engagement Ring, Lost and Found

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call from Amy last Wednesday. She explained to me that, while getting her son ready for summer camp with a last minute dousing of sun block, she took her engagement ring off and set it on top of her car. This happened Monday. A friend had told her about seeing something about a group of “Ring Finders” and to look us up. I told Amy that I would meet her on Thursday after work and I would see what we might be able to do. I had forgotten that my wife’s birthday was Thursday, so I called Amy that afternoon to explain that my wife did not want to be a Ring Finder Widow on her birthday, lest I be in trouble. (Not Really) I begged off with Amy until Saturday Morning and cooler weather.

I met Amy and her husband Joe at their house Saturday morning and we talked about her movements before the loss of her ring. Amy told me that she did not notice her ring missing for almost 3 miles. Amy also explained that she and Joe, and a few neighbors had looked in the neighborhood on the street and in a couple yards with a borrowed metal detector. They had also turned a piece of costume jewelry into a “crash dummy”as they tried to simulate the loss. Everybody was surprised at how long the ring actually stayed with the car. Amy was determined to be part of the search, so I gave Amy a few pointers with her borrowed metal detector and explained our game plan. We would walk each side of the road and detect the road apron while also doing a visual search on the road. When we got to where she remembered her ring we would switch sides and return toward the house. No offense to Amy, but this was to make sure I worked both sides of the road on the search. I tried to stay positive as my detector was picking up every piece of can slaw that had been left by the mowers on the county road. Two turns, two bottles of water and two hours later we reached our turn around spot at almost two miles. We switched sides of the road and started back. We were both hot and bothered at this point in the 90 degree heat. As we neared the front of Amy’s subdivision I told myself to slow down as this would be the area that she would have been accelerating onto the county road. For the next 80 yards I would let the detector talk to my ears while I did a visual more toward the ditch. At 60 yards from her street I saw the glint of something in the grass. “That’s not a pull tab”. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief as I stared at a white gold princess cut engagement ring in the grass beside the ditch about 8 feet away. No Way! I picked up the ring and looked toward Amy. She had not noticed. I walked across the county road to where she was standing. Hot, flushed and sweaty, she looked at me. I asked her if she thought we gave it a good try. Sad, but ready to be out of the sun as much as I was, she said she was happy that we gave it a try. I then asked her if she believed in miracles as I held up her engagement ring. She stared at it for a few seconds in disbelief. Then a “woop”, a scream (maybe an expletive, I wasn’t sure) and then a few tears. Yep! “The Ring Dance”. Amy’s hands trembled as she returned the ring to its rightful spot on her finger. When we got to the house and she showed her husband Joe the ring, it was “The Ring Dance” all over again. Joe hugged Amy in tearful disbelief. He the came my direction and place a couple tears on my shoulder as well.

Amy, you’re a trooper with a metal detector. You can be on my team anytime.

Amy and Joe, may you have another 16 years together with this ring. Thank you so much for the generous reward! Remember not to listen to all the neigh sayers. Miracles Happen!