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Lost Diamond Wedding Ring on Beach in North Wildwood,NJ Recovered by Ed Cropski

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

Just returning home from another recovery I received a call from a woman in need of my metal detecting services. She explained that while on the beach with a group of friends she had taken her engagement & wedding rings off to apply sunscreen and forgot to put them back on and they were lost in the sand where they were sitting. Her husband had searched the area with his hands and actually found the diamond engagement ring but the thinner diamond wedding ring was gone. Approaching the area where they were all circled around with beach chairs I asked them to move their stuff and I began my grid pattern. After a few buried beer cans and caps which I had her remove from my sand scoop each time I dug one and got on them about burying them! I received a nice solid mid tone on my White’s Beach Hunter id metal detector and scooped up some sand and said here you go there’s another one when in fact it was her ring in the scoop Lol! Her and her friends were amazed at the equipment and how quick the recovery was only taking a few minutes. 11695803_10204710615515863_5692218332126115940_n11737850_10204710615835871_6364277863367411457_n11694809_10204710615715868_4303363692240621123_n