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Lost Wedding Ring found thanks to Facebook

from Batemans Bay (Australia)

I was reading my local Buy Sell and Swap on my Facebook feed when I came across a post by Chris who had lost his Wedding Ring in the surf at his local beach two days earlier, and he asked if anyone had found it. I contacted him and offered my assistance. He told me that both he and his Father in Law had searched for most of the previous afternoon with metal detectors but had not had any success. He was sure that he had lost it whilst swimming, as he noticed it was gone when he emerged from the water.

As he was at work when I contacted him he was only able to give me general directions over the phone. I decided to do a search at low tide as I was not certain as to how far into the sea Chris had been when he lost the ring. The beach is called “Long Beach” so you can imagine I was a little concerned that I had maybe not fully understood Chris’s directions over the phone. In about shin deep water I got my first target signal which turned out to be a fishing sinker. Extending my search, my Minelab CTX3030 started to sing with a familiar sound and after digging with my beach scoop up came Chris’s Wedding ring.

I knew if I was in the right area I was a good chance of finding it but it’s hard to describe the feeling when you actually have the lost item in your hand. I rang Chris and needless to say he was elated, I really think he was sure it was lost forever. I went straight to his place of work to deliver it to him to be greeted by cheers from his work mates (I’m a legend apparently 😉 ). I read somewhere that we don’t have many opportunities in life to make someone happy but doing this gives me plenty.

Long Beach Ring3

As can be seen from the pictures it’s a lovely white gold and titanium ring with a diamond. Long Beach Ring2