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Captiva Island–Ring Lost in Beach Sand Found & Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

A late night search results in another RingFinders success story.

Dan called us after losing his ring in the loose sand at a public beach near his vacation rental on Captiva Island.  My wife and I decided it would be best to come that night rather than the next morning in order to avoid the heavy commuter traffic.

After arriving at the beach and determining the area where the ring most likely was lost, we began our search.  It wasn’t long until my very first signal after turning on my metal detector produced the lost ring!

We are glad we were able to reunite another lost ring with its owner!

Sanibel Island — Gold Ring Lost in Gulf Found & Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

We receive many calls asking for help in locating men’s rings lost at the beach.  Often times these rings are lost while tossing around a football.  This is one of those stories.

While diving into the water to catch a football, this young man’s gold wedding band slipped off his finger and fell into the water and sand below.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is, though, we were able to locate the lost ring and return it back to the young man.

The happy couple were now able to enjoy the rest of their vacation!

Bonita Springs Big Hickory Island — Rings Found & Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

This time of year, many people travel to southwest Florida from long distances to escape the snow and cold.

This was true of a family from Sweden who contacted us a few days ago requesting our metal detecting services.  At the end of a beautiful warm day at the Big Hickory Island private beach in Bonita Springs, the family gathered up their beach items and started to walk to the boat shuttle.  That’s when they remembered they had put two rings and a watch in the baby carrier upon arrival for safe keeping.  After looking in the baby carrier for the jewelry items, they were not to be found.  After they retraced their steps, they found the watch laying on top of the sand, but the two rings which had great sentimental value were nowhere to be found.

Research on the internet led them to the ring finder website and that’s when we received their call for help.   Arrangements were made to meet the following day.

Once on the private island, we made a short walk to the area in the sand where the watch was found.  Within 30 seconds of turning the metal detector on, the first gold ring was recovered.  A few seconds later, the next signal turned out to be the second lost gold ring!  


Fort Myers Beach — Gold Chain Lost for 9 Days Found & Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Here is the latest testimonial from Alicia and Rich regarding our most recent successful recovery of a gold chain lost in the ocean for nine days:

“Craig and Stephanie dropped everything to search for my brother’s gold chain that he lost on Fort Myers Beach.  We already looked for it the day after we lost it but had no luck.  After a week, I reached out to Craig and Stephanie as our last hope.  Even though it was shifting under water for 9 days, Craig and Stephanie found his chain and we were so grateful!  They are an amazing and trustworthy team who obviously have their hearts in the right place and enjoy helping people recover something precious to them. Can’t thank you guys enough!  Keep up the good work.”–Alicia and Rich

How to Find a Lost Ring — Sanibel, FL

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Have you ever wondered how to go about finding a ring that was lost in the ocean water or in the beach sand?  The answer is to give us a call!

We recently helped this gal find her diamond gold ring that she lost in the beach sand at Sun Dial Resort on Sanibel Island.


Lost Ring Found & Returned: Vanderbilt Beach, Naples, FL

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

IMG_3438 (1)While having fun at the beach with her son, Nicole decided to try a handstand in the ocean.  When she came out of the water she felt two of the three rings slip off her finger.  After relaying the terrible news to her husband who was at work about her lost rings, it became her mission to find a way to recover what was lost.  Nicole came across The Ring Finders web site.   That’s when I received the call.

Within a few hours, my wife and I arrived at the beach with our metal detectors in hand.  By this time, both Nicole and her husband were waiting for us and had the area to search visually in mind.

With stormy weather looming in the distance and several minutes of searching, I finally got a good signal closer to shore than Nicole had visualized.  The first dig with my scoop produced one ring; followed by the second ring in the next scoop.

A relieved Nicole was ever so happy to have her rings back.  We are so glad Nicole called and we were able to reunite her with the missing rings.


How to Find a Lost Ring at the Beach. . . Sanibel Island, FL

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)



After discovering the Ring Finder website, Gerard and his wife Kim contacted me about looking for his wedding ring that slipped off his finger into the Gulf waters off Sanibel Island near the lighthouse.   Gerard explained that the ring was very important and sentimental to him and his family.  So after some phone conversations and text messages were exchanged, my wife and I came up with a plan to search for his ring.

Since neither Gerard or Kim would be at the location the day we looked for it, I asked Gerard to provide a map/diagram of the area he thought he lost it.  Equipped with the map and our Minelab Excalibur metal detectors and scoops, we began our search.

The two of us searched for over over 2  1/2 hours before I finally saw Gerard’s ring in my scoop.  As soon as we returned to the vehicle, we texted a picture of the found ring for Gerard and his family to see.

Arrangements were then made to meet an ecstatic Gerard and his daughter the next evening and return the ring.

Thank you for contacting us through The Ring Finder metal detecting service website–brings us great joy to reunite people with their lost items.  Thank you for the generous reward as well.